My friend Bernadette (@eatlikeabosslady) took us here one night after dinner. Boy am I happy that she did. Shaved ice is not in my wheel house. I haven't tried enough to know what's the best, but I can tell you what I tried here at Anko was delicious.

It was fairly empty when we arrived, but it got packed within an hour or so. I've heard that they changed ownership, but changed the name and the items on the menu. I've also heard that it's better than it was before which is a good thing. We ordered 2 shaved ice to share between 4, and after having a large meal, it was enough.

This is the black sesame Anko. Shaved tiny ice, with black sesame drizzle, red beans, pine nuts and injeolmi (rice cake). It's served with more red beans on the side with condensed milk. As you dig into this beautiful globe, you will find almonds and more black sesame layered within. It was sweet, refreshing, and very tasty. I love black sesame. It was toasty like how black sesame should be. It wasn't overly sweet. I highly recommend this to you if you are a huge fan of black sesame or just want to try something different.

Strawberry shaved ice. Simple, shaved ice topped with strawberry syrup and more strawberries. Very refreshing and delicious as well. It was hard to jump between the 2 because both were spot on.

Check it out:

400 S Western Ave Los Angeles, CA 90020

Koreatown, Wilshire Center