I met Bernadette Low (@Eatlikeabosslady) a few months ago after seeing her at a few foodie events we were both attending. It didn't take long before we met and just fell in love with each others energy. When I found out she's doing a collaboration with a few others (Bernadette Vanek and Evi Aki) to host a pop up dinner, I had nothing but excitement and full support for her. Harvest of the Season is basically "The Last Summer Dinner" highlighting the local produce of the long California summer, sourced from Santa Monica and Hollywood farmer's markets.

The theme of Harvest of the Season was strong and very visible by the displays visioned by Bernadett Vanek. It was gorgeous and felt like an elegant wedding during Spring. The cooking and designs was arranged by Chef Bernadett Vanek (@born.under.the.sun). Bernadett Vanek is a chef, food stylist, and food photographer residing in Pasadena, California. Her farm to table cooking has a strong European influence that celebrates local, seasonal produce and supports sustainable farming and fishing practices. She develops seasonal recipes based on produce available at the farmer's markets of her neighborhood and features them on her instagram page @born.under.the.sun and on her website at www.bornunderthesun.com.

The space was located in DTLA at the Vene Ai Studio. The pop up also showcased a sneak preview of the VENE AI 2017 Capsule Bridal Collection with mannequins laid around the studio wearing the gowns and jewelry.

Hors D'oeuvres were served before the farm to table offerings. A fig, rosemary blossom, walnut, and soft bloomed goat cheese was served on a thin cracker with a generous pour of wine. I'm not a fan of goat cheese, but this was really good and the quality of the cheese used really made a difference.

I seated myself shortly after viewing the gowns and eating the awesome opener. Just relaxed and helped myself to more wine as the guests trickled in.

California Toast

I've had many avocado toasts. Many. Even the crappy ones I've made myself. But. The one that they served was definitely the best anything toast I've ever had. It's obviously avocado, tomato ceviche, charred corn, micro cilantro and goat feta shavings on top. What was beautiful about this was not just the market tomatoes and all the wonderful ingredients that were picked to perfection, but that lime. It wasn't sour, but it sure punched you in the face to let you know that it existed. It was amazing. The bread was toasted carefully that it did not cut the roof of my mouth. The tomatoes and corn added a nice sweetness balanced by the slight saltiness of the goat feta. This dish was inspiring.

Green Gazpacho

Lemon cucumber, chevre mousse, green coriander, watermelon and cilantro flowers. So refreshing. Ridiculously clean. I see myself eating this on my invisible porch on an invisible swing with my invisible acres to look out to.

Summer Moussaka

Braised lamb with heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, yukon potato mash with oregano oil. The lamb was spiced with great anise flavors. Braised till it's fork tender. Very comforting and fulfilled the yearnings of a meat course.

Peach and Almond Eaton Mess

Almond cake, peache, a lemon verbena whip creme and meringue. Also raspberries floating around saying what's up. A lot of people were wondering what this was, but everyone wanted more. The almond cake was fantastic. The lemon verbena is also a classic whip, but not utilized in cuisines as much. A great light sweet touch to end the last summer dinner.

Stay tuned for more pop ups.





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