I've been to many tastings and restaurants in LA, but Fork-In Aussie Pie Kitchen really stood out. I grew up on Marie's Calendar chicken pot pie. Ate it religiously with loads of cracked black pepper and a dash of hot sauce or two. I love savory dishes more than sweet. Aussie Pie Kitchen carries a variety of savory pies with delicious sides to go with.

2510 Main St, Ste B, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Before committing to my toppings, I was able to sample their offerings.

I know it's early for Thanksgiving, but I don't mind it coming early.  There's MINTY MUSHY PEAS that is a combination of Peas, Shallots, Butter, Fresh Mint (AMAZING). Roasted garlic mashed potatoes - Yukon Gold Potatoes, roasted garlic, butter, salt + pepper (Like silk). HAND MASHED SWEET POTATO - made with Garnett Yams, Half & Half, Butter, White Pepper Nutmeg, Spices. Their amazing Stuffing with Croissant, Sausage, Kale, Pecans, White Wine,Garlic and Pecans (Never had anything like it, BOMB). EDAMAME & SWEETCORN SUCCOTASH. Creamy thyme Gravy and mushroom gravy. 3 Cheese MAC.

Flat white

If you've never had an aussie pie before, don't expect this to be your traditional hand pie. The aussie pie served here will be on a plate. They took the traditional pie and amplified it to bring more flavors in. Flavors that they know you will love. And it's a good thing, a really good thing.

At Aussie Pie Kitchen, you will find love in a pie that took them 3 days to create. That's right, 3. And when you get your hands on one of these hot buttery bad boys you will understand why this beast took that long to create. That first bite will be the moment you taste all the love and craft that was put into each individual pie.

Bourbon infused BBQ Pulled Pork with Mac n 3 cheeses and Truffle Oil

Topped with the mashed sweet potato and gravy. If it was raining, it would be perfect. But, this was very tasty. The BBQ pulled pork had so much flavor. Their mac n cheese contains some bleu cheese that added a nice tang and sharpness without overpowering the dish whatsoever.

 Steak & Shiraz (Syrah)

Steak Cubes marinated in Red Wine, Braised in Mirepoix, Herbs & Spices. This was considered their tiger stack. Meaning 2 sides with thyme gravy to make this the ultimate goodbye summer dish. Roasted garlic mash, mushy peas, can't go wrong with any of that. The pie crust was ridiculously flaky, buttery, and every F this diet you can put your mind to. The post work out meal dream and the time of the month satisfaction. This will do it all.

A classic Nanna Mac's TWICE ROLLED LAMINGTONS. Super spongy, soft, and not too sweet. This is a must have and goes great with their flat white.

Croissant bread pudding? Why on earth has no one thought of that? Baked with pistachios & chocolate chip, drizzled with bourbon, caramel sauce & a dollop of whipped cream. Man, that bourbon drizzle did it for me. Nothing wrong with this sinful dessert at all.

If you haven't been here yet, I highly recommend you come.

2510 Main St, Ste B, Santa Monica, CA 90405