I have a love hate relationship with Abbot Kinney. Mostly because I find myself excited to come here, but always leave slightly disappointed. There's not much to do besides watching humans, hanging out at a restaurant, or visiting one of favorite shops on the block, Tortoise. 

It was a lovely Sunday and I was just in the area so thought I stopped by to take a stroll. I decided it would be fun if I just did a quick pizza dive.

Abbot's Pizza Co

Abbot's Pizza has been around since 1995. I was 7 years old with a bomb ass bowl cut at the time so it was a legit year to start. This place is nothing but homie, and nothing more than love on a pie. You can order your crust as thin as you like. They also have this bagel crust to make your pizza experience that much more elevated. Great place to stop when you are on the run or just trying to be the life of a party. Because who doesn't love pizza?

Gjelina take away (GTA) 

I love Gjelina. In fact, Gjelina was one of the first restaurants I've tried in Abbot Kinney. I've been here multiple times since and it has never failed (Best duck confit hash). They started their take away not too long ago, but I've never stopped in to check. It's pretty grand compared the Abbot's pizza and can pretty much be a restaurant of it's own. 

I am always a huge fan of Gjelinas pizza. I was craving their wild mushroom pizza, but it was unfortunately not available by the slice. If it's not mushroom, I go with meat. It's rare I pick a veggie pizza, and today definitely wasn't the time.

Bacon, pomodoro, mozzarella, mushrooms, onions and thyme. Extremely thin with a light crispy crust. I love it when tomatoes have a nice tart to them and not overly sweet. With a rich pizza like this, a tart afterbite really helps cut down the richness.

Oh it was a good day.