This post is a little delayed since my birthday was back in July. French cuisine has a big space in my heart when it comes to some of my favorite things to eat. This is my second time dining at Cafe Beaujolais. I fell madly in love the first time I came here and just as much the second time. It's located in the heart of Eagle Rock on Colorado between La Roda Avenue and Mt Royal Drive.

1712 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90041

I don't know much about the history besides it being here for quite some time. They are not just known for their fairly priced dishes, but their hunky European men that work there. And, they pretty much all have accents.

John took me here again since he knew it was my top favorite restaurants. The first thing we ordered were their Escargot. These snails were shelled, and cooked in the most luscious butter garlic parsley sauce known to man. Goes amazing with the bread they offer and dangerous for the body. John dislikes Escargot, but loves the ones they serve here.

We had their special salad of the day which was a prosciutto di parma wrapped frisee.

Dressed in a light vinaigrette with a few cornichons. Sounds simple, but was packed with flavor. I will definitely get this again if it's available.

Steak "Maitre D'Hotel" - Thin cut Girlled Top Sirloin Served with garlic butter and frites. I wished the steak was a New York or Rib Eye, but there was still a lot of flavor from the steak. The garlic butter was soft and melted throughout the steak. Pretty straightforward.

My choice:

Pave De Boeuf Au Porto Et Au Roquefort - Flamed Filet Mignon in Port Sauce and Roquefort Cheese, medium rare. I was nervous to order this. From 1-10 I was probably a 20. I'm not a fan of stinky cheese and hate Gorgonzola and goat cheese (I know). I just can't get passed the flavors. But, I love some bleu like Stilton. This Roquefort cheese was delicious. Has a slight sharp bite, but doesn't taste overly fermented or stinky. It was lovely mixed into the port wine and the filet. This dish just isn't the same without it. Served with a side of potato au gratin and veggies. I recommend this dish.

If you are in the area or just looking for a fantastic, authentic French restaurant, please check out Cafe Beaujolais. It's fantastic. Don't forget to order their specials. They do the traditional coq au vin from time to time.