I don't normally take time throughout the year until the end because of how hectic work can be. And I honestly don't have anything planned for myself to begin with. I am ready to leave 2016 behind. It was tough, and for most of the hard times, it lingered for months like mold rotten behind a wall you don't know about. I just couldn't save myself from it and it sucked my soul for the rest of the year. Come 2017, I'm going to make sure I don't let that happen again.

We decided to take a short trip to Santa Barbara this winter. More so for the scenic route since I really didn't want to drive down to San Diego again. The drive is just not enjoyable. The weather was gorgeous in Santa Barbara and I immediately fell in Love with State street downtown SB. The buildings were pretty much all Spanish style. Super tall that it casted a shadow from the sun which was the only con I can give. Not really doing much research on restaurants, I relied on yelp to find a satisfying Italian place to lunch.

Without much luck, a lot of restaurants were closed and some seemed like closed for good. That's when we stumbled upon Caffe Primo. Tall glass windows casting tons of soft light into the dining hall. It created such a warm welcoming vibe that I was ready for. And, Italian. Something I was craving. I just want to slather noodles in my mouth big bites at a time. It's one of those months. 

Each table was greeted with a small vase of fresh flowers. This easily enlightened the mood. Santa Barbara you are winning.

A lot of water was needed to stay hydrated throughout the day. Especially with all the coffee we've been drinking.

Caesar salad. Delicious, but the wrong dressing was mixed. This was actually a balsamic dressing. I didn't want to return this because it would go to waste. And it tasted fine so we didn't mind.

White truffle angel hair pasta. Succulent shrimp with a white truffle cream sauce. Everything was cooked perfectly. The sauce was nice and creamy. The avocado was a new twist, but added an extra layer of creaminess that worked well with the tartness of the tomato. The white truffle was subtle, but you knew it was there. I would definitely order this again.

Short Rib Pappardelle. Braised short ribs that will melt in your mouth tossed in a red wine mushroom ragu. Topped off with Reggiano for that nice bite. This is so classic and excellent for the weather. Extremely comforting.

Done and


516 State St Santa Barbara, CA 93108