The Attic reminds me of a restaurant I went to when I was in La Jolla. It feels very homey and beachy at the same time. Walking in is almost like walking through a small cottage, just with plenty of tables around.

Their menu is simple yet experimental. They are known for their hot cheetos mac and cheese. No, I didn't get it this time around due to a long day of activities. I am lactose intolerant so it was not the day to load up on cheese. They also have other selections like shrimp and grits, jambalaya, and ribs to say the least. They also have your classic eggs and bacon, waffles, chicken and waffles, and all the good stuff.

We ordered there: Short rib poutine, FGT Benedict (Fried green tomato), and Duck Confit omelet. 

Fried Green Tomatoes, andouille sausage and poached eggs on an english muffin topped with their signature cajun hollandaise and green onions. This was served with their house cajun potatoes and a mixed fruit cup. The tomatoes were tart which helps all the richness from the egg and hollandaise sauce.

Red onion, spinach, sundried tomato in an omelette topped with crispy duck, goat cheese, and cranberry gastrique. Also served with mixed fruit and cajun potatoes. I liked the touch of the cranberry gastrique. 

Hand-Cut fries, topped with braised short ribs, caramelized onions, mozarella cheese curds, red wine demi-glace, and of course, topped with red onion. This will go perfect with any time of day. If you are sad and depressed, eat this. Happy or mad? Eat this.. with Louisianna Hot Sauce. Definitely a fork stabbing food, but I couldn't help myself picking at it with my fingers from time to time.

They get pretty packed. I recommend you make a reservation.

3441 East Broadway Long Beach, CA 90803