I found Sushi Gen a few years ago when I started making more cash to afford higher end sushi. I didn't start to understand the craft until after my first visit here. After my first visit, I came back a few more times and it never fails to deliver. The ratio between rice and fish is always perfect in the nigiri. The quality of their seafood surpasses the expectations of local joints. There's a lot of great sushi places out there, but Sushi Gen always has that charm every time I go. People think it's all about the hype and the long lines that drive people to go. I'm not going to say that's not part of it, but they deliver on what they are proud to serve and I like to stick up for that because they shouldn't be shunned out for being "popular" just like they shouldn't be raved about just because they are "popular".

I've heard great things about their lunch specials. The sashimi lunch here is what everyone goes nuts for. The line was also no joke. We got there at 10:40 to wait in line. They don't open till 11:15AM. After the first crowd gets seated, the rest of us leave our name and the number in our party. Make sure your party is here or you won't be seated when called. Don't be mad about it either. There's a lot of hungry eaters waiting in line ready to take your seat anytime, so just be prepared. We got seated at 12, perfect timing for lunch.

Each entree is served with marinated steamed tofu and lightly pickled cucumber and cabbage.

This is the unagi set with side sashimi. The unagi was very flavorful, fatty, and scrumptiously decadent. Dust a little sansho pepper on top and dig in. I highly recommend this set. For $28, it's a great deal.

The side sashimi that comes with the unagi.

Their famous $17 sashimi lunch. Comes with a good portion of hot rice, this was a lot of food than what I bargained for! Fish was absolutely amazing. The tuna slice you see behind the hamachi, I believe was bluefin tuna. I could see the fat marbling throughout and knew this bite was going to be a treat. My eyes literally lit up after my first bite. They also served chopped up spicy tuna, negitoro, a few ends from the yellowtail and tuna. Also a grilled salmon piece in the back. Totally worth it.

422 E 2nd St Los Angeles, CA 90012

Little Tokyo, Downtown