Ok first off, I wasn't drunk. Or I think I wasn't. I know I was fine because I remembered the whole night, just not how I got a bloody toe. It was dripping over the floors a little bit BUT I was fine. Neosporin and Bandages. See? I disinfected my toe first.

It was a Sunday. And to be honest, I would hate myself if I don't have one night out with some friends involving some kind of alcoholic beverage during labor day weekend.

What is Labor Day? Here's what Urban Dictionary has to say about Labor Day

The holiday at the beginning of when school starts that nobody really knows what it means.”

’Hey When’s Labor Day?
Next weekend Foo’
Oh Man! Yes! ..Whats Labor Day anyway?
I don’t know Cuh’
— Urban Dictionary

If you are looking for what Labor Day means... go back to school.

... Going back to the story. I wanted to stay home, lay on the couch and watch countless hours of Homeland until it's not stressful anymore. But that sh*t is always stressful. My best friend Jocelynn called me and asked what I was doing.

'Laying on the couch' (I almost spelled coach).

'Do you feel lazy?'

'No, I'll call you when I leave'

And that was that. The commitment was done. She offered a way out. She asked if I was lazy and hell yea I was! But without a thought, I just put on a pair of jeans.. shirt, and sold my soul to her. I walked through the halls to say goodbye to John like it was a death penalty. John didn't want to go because he had too much work to catch up on. That normally means more trouble for me.

I'm not going to tell you how much I had to drink. All I can say is her boyfriend Mark, who has also became one of my close friends over the years, decided to make Margaritas. Poor guy was squeezing the limes with his hands and making simple syrup from scratch. Fun part of it was we get to drink it. It was either too sour or too sweet (sorry Mark), but one thing he did well was masking the flavors of the tequila. All I can tell you is that Jose Cuervo and I go way back. And we are not friends. We are enemies. But today, I won.

What I love about hanging out with these 2 is that everything is always a yes, sure, if you want, let's do it. I had steak for dinner, but had my heart set on something tonight. Mark said it first. Chili cheese fries.

Chili Cheese mess

We headed over to Troys drive in No 8 in Highland Park on York. Mark wanted more than one order, but I said no and that we should share. See that there? Self Control. Why should one person eat that whole thing? You'll probably die, but you'll be smiling.

I stopped at the drive thru, and contemplated on what we should get. Was I hungry? I thought about my dinner. Had Marks 750ml tequila. Had a few chips. But we are sharing the chili cheese fries right?

*Pulls up drive thru*

"One chili cheese fries with the fries well done, one bacon cheeseburger with avocado, one carne asada burrito and ONE PASTRAMI BURGER."

OK What just happened there? Who gives a sh*t it was only $20!

Dear John,

Sorry for the calorie intake. But I saved you some food?



Yes that saved my ass and we ended up watching 2 more episodes of Homeland when I got home. If you are a guy or a girl, always bring food home if you are out. I get hangry as hell. Sitting around, waiting. Pretending like I am busy but I am not. I'm not hungry either but you better bring me back something to eat. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, there's something wrong with you. And I am saying it like "there's sumthin' wrooooong wid chu".

Pastrami was on point and met the expectations of a drive in burger joint. Nothing you would raise a pinky about. And if you are going to be critiquing a place like this, it goes back to the same phrase "there's sumthin' wrooooong wid chu".

This is the cure to prevent hangovers. and 10 pounds.

At the end of the night, I was extremely happy I hung out with them. For a few hours, I actually forgot about a lot of things. Time just stopped and the stresses that I had went away. You need friends like that in your life. Even more important, the ones that can make you feel like who you are. I can fart at that moment and be cool with it. And I probably did who knows. Since I don't even remember how I cut my toe. Yeah, that part was not cool.

Here's the address guys:

4738 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90042

Enjoy and always cheers.