If you know me, you will know that I love and pretty much obsessed with The Habit Burger Grill. And I'm not the only one, my dad loves it too. I would even run into him sometimes. Or he would just come up to me and grab my arm instead of being a regular person and say hi in front of me. I could've knocked him! Anyways, their charburgers pretty much says it all "CHARBURGER". With char, it comes with mounds of flavor. And for some strange reason, it always comes out perfectly. I eat at The Habit, pretty religiously (at least once a week). Like some folks who crave In & Out all the time, I need my charburger, with a side of onion rings, all the time.

Right now, you can go to The Habit and donate to No Kid Hungry. No Kid Hungry focuses on ending child hunger in America. What I also love about their campaign is teaching low income families how to prep and make healthy meals for their family. At the Habit, with a $2 donation or more, you can receive a free charburger on your next visit.

Double Charburger with cheese

Hashtag your image with #SayCheeseburger and win a chance to be featured at the Nasdaq tower for national burger day. Yes, I want to win. Because I am the hugest fan of their charburgers. But since this campaign is for a great cause, I need to share this with you.

So start snapping and hash tagging #saycheeseburger. My tummy was happy, but I felt even better knowing I contributed to a cause that ends hunger here in America.

Another great thing about this is that all 100% of the donations that you give at The Habit will go directly to the organization. Again, why not?

Start eating!

Burger cheers,