The name says it all. Quick and lazy. I went to Pavilions today and saw a bunch of goodies on sale leading to this post. I really didn't want to cook tonight. It's too hot, I've had too much to drink yesterday, watched too much Homeland last night, and I just didn't have enough sleep. So yeah, I didn't want to make a fish sandwich from scratch. Frozen beer battered fish were on sale for like, $4.99, so that decision went really quick. All I had to do was pick up some tomatoes, some french rolls, and a head of lettuce because I remember seeing a bottle of tartar sauce laying around somewhere.

lazy fish

I'm not complaining at all. It's simple, quick, and feels semi gourmet. Plus, I get to have more time watching Homeland and that series is stressful as F. Paper plates, unbuttoned pants, and a bottle of root beer. You can hate me all you want because I have no tedious dishes to wash.

I used Gortons beer battered fish fillets. For tomatoes, I used Roma. Tartar sauce, I had McCormicks.

I'm all ups for frozen fried fish fillet recommendations because I LOVE FROZEN FRIED FISH FILLETS. Ain't nobody got the energy to make fried anything on a daily. So having some fun goodies are always a plus, and keeps me less stressed on those nights where you really just want to bum it.

Have you met my dad? He's hardcore. He would even freeze bread so don't judge me.

Cheers, and goodbye 3 day weekend, I AM OVER YOU.