There's nothing I love more than spending time at home with friends drinking wine, eating charcuterie and fromage. Since we are hitting the French theme, I am excited to share some French products I got to indulge in. Don't get me wrong, I love all kinds of parties (All kinds), but I love hosting wine parties with amazing seafood for people to enjoy.

Click the Brie to learn more about it.

Click the Brie to learn more about it.

Le Chatelain Brie comes from the pastures of the Meuse region of France where most farms have herds ranging from 20 to 30 cows spending a good amount of time throughout the year roaming outside. I've heard a lot of restrictions before about raw milk products aged over 60 days can be imported to the United States. With that said, Le Chatelain Brie is the only alternative to come close to tasting the flavor of raw milk French Brie without shoving $$$$ to travel to France.

You can find this normally in Cheese shops and higher end retailers. This cheese won Gold 2010 and Silver 2011 from France's Concours General Agricole. 

I macerated some strawberries to eat with the Brie. This was eaten with sunflower/flaxseed crackers. Drizzling some honey is also delightful. 

President Butter is made in the heart of Normandy, the "Grand Cru" among French dairy regions which are known for their outstanding quality of its milk that gives this milk an exceptional flavor. This butter is freshly crafted from cultured cream. Its distinct, rich and savory nutty taste is great on spreading over a nice baguette. I like to let the butter sit just a bit to soften. I sprinkle a touch of kosher salt with fresh cracked pepper.

The five outstanding wines.

Mas De Daumas Gassac.  Click on the photo to learn more.

Mas De Daumas Gassac. Click on the photo to learn more.

Mas de daumas Gassac in the only Grand crus status wine from the Languedoc region. A family owned estate which has devoted its approach since the creation of the estate to respect the environment (where the family also lives). The Daumas Gassac Grand Crus wines are made by 2nd generation winemaker Samuel Guibert who split his time between Gassac (from May to Nov) & San Francisco. Samuel’s winemaking follow the same philosophy since the 1st vintage of Daumas Gassac wines were made in 1978 : “Finesse, Balance & Elegance”. Finally the Daumas Gasasc wines aim at offering the best possible quality at the most affordable pricing (despite its Grands Crus status). 


This wine is best when served around 16°C (60°F), preferably in large Burgundy glasses. Let the wine breathe before drinking. This wine also pairs well with any strong flavored main dish. I recommend roasted some lamb chops. The retail price goes for $39-$45 a bottle.


Best if drunk you and served between 6 & 7°C (45°F). Stunning as an aperitif, with charcuterie, goat cheese or shrimp salad. Beautiful with a chocolate based dessert or simply with raspberry and/or strawberries. This wine is retailed at $17-$26 a bottle.

Buy this wine at Fine Wine stores and wine savvy restaurants

Click the photo to learn more about Trimbach wines.

Click the photo to learn more about Trimbach wines.

This Trimbach selection you see is from AOC Alsace, France. The Trimbach family dates back to 1626. Their wines benefits from the unique Alsatian microclimate. 

The Riesling wine has a beautiful straw color with green edges. Has a fragrance of ginger and caraway seed and under ripe pineapple and flowers. Received 90 pts Wine Spectator 2016.

The Pinot Gris is bright, has a pale gold hue with aromas of juicy peaches and ripen pear. It is full-bodied wit ripe smokey tropical fruit flavors. Great with fish, shellfish, poultry and lighter pastas. Received 90 pts Wine Spectator 2016.

You can find Trimbach wines at Gordon's Fine Wines & Liquors. 

Click the photo to learn more about this Whispering Angel.

Click the photo to learn more about this Whispering Angel.

Located in the heart of Provence, France, Chateau d'Esclans is a prestigious estate and winery producing the industry's leading Rose wines. This was awarded #1 premium rose in the U.S and #1 French wine in the U.S. The retail for this rose goes for $21-$22. This wine is dry with no sugary finish. Extremely fresh and crisp. Find this beauty and Total Wine, Whole Foods and Fresh Market.

To learn more about any of the wines, just click on the photos for more information. I definitely enjoyed each wine as well as the Brie and Butter. Make sure to be creative and host your French inspired party. If you need more ideas and inspiration, make sure to follow these wines on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.