Everyone knows me as the girl that loves her steak. What a lot of people don't know is how much I actually enjoy eating vegetables. From being raw, roasted, stewed, fried or grilled, there's just something so simplistic with the flavor that I can never get tired of. 

I have tons of protein in my freezer. Almost every single day, I would make my way up the street to a market after work. By then, I am unmotivated to cook anything because I am worn out, hungry (the smell of fried chicken every time doesn't help either), and selecting a veggie stumps me every single time. Do I want to roast brussels sprouts again? It doesn't really go with what I want to make. How about potatoes? Do I feel like roasting them? Baking them? boiling them? All these questions become a deal breaker. At the end of all this, there's a possibility that I would either 1) Walk out with frozen corn and just make rice at home or 2) Walk out with nothing and grab takeout. Because by that time, I've spent 30 minutes wondering what I could grab instead of cooking.

This is why Farm Fresh To You changed my life. They deliver various box types and sizes straight to your door so that you get the box that meets your needs. You can select the frequency of which your box is delivered. From once a week, to bi-weekly, or monthly depending on how quick to plow through it. This pushes me to go straight home after work because I know I have produce to work with. Farm Fresh To You takes the distraction away by selecting seasonal items for you or you can swap items in or out based on what you might light to receive. Best part is, it's all organic.

I had my box delivered to my work. Office deliveries are delivered between 8am - 5pm; just your standard office hours

Some of the items from my Veggie Only Box.

I gave the veggies a quick rinse before throwing them in a 450 degree oven to roast. I had some leftover chimichurri sauce that was harmonious with the vegetables.

I like to leave the vegetables in the roasting pan and have my guests just serve themselves. Whether it's for yourself or for others, it's definitely pleasing to the eyes. Everything was fresh and delicious.

After trying Farm Fresh To You, this is something I would continue using. The small box (see more boxes here:: Farm Fresh to You)  was only $26, but can feed between 2-4. With all the items I've received, I can utilize everything for a week. This will prevent me from buying takeout or dining out.

The folks at Farm Fresh To You are extending a special offer to all of you. Follow this LINK and type "GET15OFF" to receive $15 Off Your First Box!


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