Or is it Nachos everyday? I love nachos. There's something so satisfying, laying around, having a few drinks with friends and munching on snacks. It's honestly one of my favorite things to look forward to when hosting a sports party. Well, that and drinking of course. Actually, really of course.

I love game day food. From pungent buffalo wings to a big bowl of guacamole. Don't forget the dried nuts, pizza and the occasional fried chicken. Basically, anything could go down. But kick that 7 layer dip aside and serve up some beast looking nachos because that's what everyone wants.

Grab a big plate. Have some canned corn and black beans drained and rinsed slightly. Grab a jar of ready made queso (even better with green chile if available). Cook some marinated chicken or just season a few chicken breast yourself. Fresh fried tortillas were used.

Layer the chips, with some cheese, with some corn and black beans, with some chicken. Do it again and continue to create layers. Before you know it, you created a masterpiece. Slice up some jalapenos and cilantro leaves for garnish. Put a few spoonfuls of sour cream, guacamole and salsa. Basically, you can make this however you want with as much toppings as you can load.

The bigger the plate, the bigger the party. Who's ready?