I've had my first ever Nashville style Hot Chicken and boy do I have a death wish. There are 3 levels of heat to their chicken:

Wildfire - EXTRA HOT
Bonfire - HOT
Fire Extinguisher - NO HEAT

I went all in and ordered the Wildfire. I ate 4 tums afterward and was still feeling it. BUt boy was it tasty. Amazingly crunchy and did not sog up against the drench. It was vibrant and a scary devils red waiting to be devoured. And devoured I did. Ate this quick with trails of sweat dripping down my neck. This is one of those addictive sandwiches that will get spicier as you eat into it.

This is the fire extinguisher plate. No heat on these. Just crunchy goodness with a creamy bbq like dipping sauce.

Sandwiches come prepared with chicken, coleslaw, and pickles.

 Plates come prepared with 2 chicken strips, 2 dinner rolls, coleslaw, and 1 side of your choice

Macaroni & Cheese
Cold Potato Salad
Dinner Roll

Here's how you order: email or text your order at 562-546-3516 / firebirdchickenlb@gmail.com

Stay tuned as they are working to get into a Farmers Market in Los Angeles!