This was the first place I took blogging more seriously. A lot of my friends if not 99% of them all love Korean BBQ. All love trekking out to Korea Town to find the best all you can eat BBQ. But a lot of them, and acquaintances that I've come across never had other Korean cuisines besides that.

I don't remember if I was hungover when I first came here. That or still drunk. Who knows. But this place is legit and will definitely be a cure for your hangover or is you just caught a cold. No matter what it is, any excuse is a good excuse to check out Yangji Gamjatang.

3470 W 6th St Ste 6 Los Angeles, CA 90020


Every table gets water served in a Psy water bottle. It reads, you could drink me or you can have soju and beer instead. That's not what it says but, it's funny to think so.

With your order, you get the famous Banchan that these restaurants are known for. 

I like to try something new every time I come. This is their oxtail soup. It's good, simple and clean if you want something lighter, but their gamjatang is still my favorite.

Here it is. Their gamjatang. Oh so delicious pork bone soup braised in a light spicy broth with potatoes. You can share this, but I don't recommend it. Just order your own. I add more korean spicy powder to give it more heat. This soup is pretty mild and the broth is also light if I had something critical to say. This soup showcases the pork bone without too many complicating flavors. A must try when you come.

3470 W 6th St Ste 6 Los Angeles, CA 90020