Delicatessen By Osawa just opened in Pasadena not too long ago. I stopped by after finding out Foodie Cube was closed during the weekends (will blog about that later). I've never been to Osawa, but heard many great things about that restaurant. Knowing the Delicatessen is walking distance from my work, I've decided to give this place a shot.

The menu can seem confusing. They offer meals and plates similar to Lemonade such as picking your items.

I just went with the simple choices such as curry and soba salad.

Their beef curry is luscious and definitely one of the best I've had. The curry has a lot of depth and goes perfectly with the white rice and lightly fried potato. This definitely hits the spot if you're craving a good curry.

Soba salad did not disappoint either. A hefty portion, but so refreshing you won't feel a coma afterwards. The shrimp tempura is lightly fried. The buckwheat noodles are perfectly cooked tossed with mixed fresh greens. I also really enjoyed the sesame soy sauce this was tossed in. I would also get this again.

851 Cordova St Pasadena, CA 91101