I grew up on a lot of food now that I think about it. Roast duck with a few bowls of steamy white rice is one of my top comfort foods. The way the fat drips into the rice with all the natural flavors just makes my feet tap. Peking duck is kind of like that in a different way. It's sophisticated and more refined. There's more technique to get peking duck perfect. With that said, there isn't anything sadder than a peking duck with saggy skin. No one wants a saggy skin.


There are different combos you can order here aside from ordering dishes individually. This combo comes with the Peking duck 3 ways. The classic Peking duck comes with thin pancakes, hoisin, cucumber, and scallions.


I find it truly amazing. I haven't had enough Peking duck in my life, but many to roast duck that I can say this is delicious. Skin is crispy, meat is tender. The pancake wraps had nice flavor. This is a must.


Soup is also made as part of the 3 way duck combo. 


Sprout stir fry with duck. Not a huge fan of this. Mainly because my mom made me pluck the end of these sprouts growing up.


Happy Family. Wine chicken, beef, and jelly fish salad.

Filet mignon cubes with black pepper sauce. Always a favorite.


Scallop and veggies served over a crispy noodle basket. One of my favorites as well. 

Not in the combo. Sticky rice with BBQ Eel. I highly recommend this. I'm a huge fan of sticky rice. Eel has a natural fat that renders through the rice. There's something absolutely heavenly about this dish. Remember to pace yourself.