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Tasty Duck - San Gabriel


Tasty Duck - San Gabriel

I grew up on a lot of food now that I think about it. Roast duck with a few bowls of steamy white rice is one of my top comfort foods. The way the fat drips into the rice with all the natural flavors just makes my feet tap. Peking duck is kind of like that in a different way. It's sophisticated and more refined. There's more technique to get peking duck perfect. With that said, there isn't anything sadder than a peking duck with saggy skin. No one wants a saggy skin.


There are different combos you can order here aside from ordering dishes individually. This combo comes with the Peking duck 3 ways. The classic Peking duck comes with thin pancakes, hoisin, cucumber, and scallions.


I find it truly amazing. I haven't had enough Peking duck in my life, but many to roast duck that I can say this is delicious. Skin is crispy, meat is tender. The pancake wraps had nice flavor. This is a must.


Soup is also made as part of the 3 way duck combo. 


Sprout stir fry with duck. Not a huge fan of this. Mainly because my mom made me pluck the end of these sprouts growing up.


Happy Family. Wine chicken, beef, and jelly fish salad.

Filet mignon cubes with black pepper sauce. Always a favorite.


Scallop and veggies served over a crispy noodle basket. One of my favorites as well. 

Not in the combo. Sticky rice with BBQ Eel. I highly recommend this. I'm a huge fan of sticky rice. Eel has a natural fat that renders through the rice. There's something absolutely heavenly about this dish. Remember to pace yourself.





Chang'An - San Gabriel


Chang'An - San Gabriel

Alhambra and San Gabriel is known for cheap eats. I hear people say it all the time "it's so cheap!" or "Everything is so delicious!". Like, literally calm down. Everything has been inflating the past few years. Chicken rice isn't $3.99 anymore, but would be $7.99. And if you are saying I'm not eating at the right places, and that you are still paying that little, then something is definitely wrong with that chicken.

I've given up with some restaurants in 626 even though I still eat around here a few times a week. Competition have really stepped up the last few years. There's a lot more Taiwanese restaurants as well as dumpling houses and hot pots. But what surprised me the most was Chang'An.

Complimentary snacks

Complimentary snacks

Chang'An is located in San Gabriel on 227 W Valley Blvd, Ste 358. Chang'Ans concept is something I envisioned a few years ago. I thought it would be creative if classic Chinese food was presented in an ambitious way where you would find in fine dining restaurant. You will definitely find that here. All the dishes were not just tasty, but insanely beautiful.


I tried a lot of food that day. I liked everything I had so enjoy the photos:

Chang'An Salad

I love the herbaceous flavor of crown Daisy, but I've never had it uncooked. The sesame dressing complimented the salad perfectly. I know a few people who aren't fans of crown Daisies that can definitely appreciate this salad.

Lamb & Beef skewers

Rubbed in cumin and charred to perfection. Perfect pairing to beer :P

Steamed Scallops

These were large lumps of scallops. Served individually so there's no commitment to those who don't eat scallops. Sitting on top of rice noodles, it is drizzled with minced garlic and soy. 

Stir fried pea sprouts - one of my favorite chinese vegetables.

Grilled chicken wings

few fried dishes: Fried tofu, Chicken Jidori, Fried Kabocha with salted egg yolk (Must Order) 

Sweet and Sour Pork riblets.

Beef Tataki - Seared with House Special Yuzu soy.

Braised Pork belly with sweet soy sauce

Braised Pork belly with sweet soy sauce

Delicious fatty pork belly. You must eat the skin and fat. 

Sauteed crystal shrimp

Grilled Beef Tongue

Poached fish in savory broth

Poached fish in savory broth

Braised Short Ribs 

Served with stir fried sweet pea sprouts.

Vanilla Ice cream with grilled Japanese sweet potato. Sweet potato desserts is on the rise. This is definitely a good version of what I've had.

These are mini rice balls filled with black sesame paste in sweet rice wine sprinkled with osmanthus flowers. A very sweet delightful way to end an amazing course.

Make sure to check them out if you haven't:

227 W Valley Blvd, Ste 358 San Gabriel CA 91776







Rice Box - Los Angeles

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Rice Box - Los Angeles

Rice boxes are a huge staple to the every day Chinese fast food. But calling it fast food is a huge understatement. I watched tons of Hong Kong soap operas as I was growing up and a lot of times these "Fahn Hup" were known as fast food for the working class. When we think about fast food here in America, we are familiar with McDonald's. In Hong Kong, you would find white rice, and proteins like BBQ Pork or Roast Duck with a side of gai lan.

Rice Box is a new up and coming concept coming in the near future to run with the modern approach of Cantonese BBQ. They will be at Unique Markets in Los Angeles this Saturday & Sunday, 04/30 - 05/01 from 11AM - 6PM. They will be featuring a few of their Rice Boxes. We had the pleasure to taste a few of their items before this event. I can't tell you how excited I am about how incredibly delicious the food was. It really reminded me of great comfort rice boxes when my parents would bring some home.

Sesame Cold Noodle

One of the first dishes we had was this Sesame Cold Noodle. It's made with organic noodle, house pickled carrots & cucumbers, organic tofu, sesame dressing, and house made chili oil. This was very fresh and slightly creamy from the sesame dressing.


Daikon Cake (Gluten Free)

Growing up, I hated these things. I think I disliked them because it was something my parents always ordered when I wanted egg rolls instead. But once I started getting older, and I start eating less with them, I find myself not having these as much as I used to. And now, I really really love them. The daikon cake is made with daikon, rice flour, bacon (hormone/antibiotic free), dried scallop-shrimp-shiitake, house made chili oil and garlic sweet soy sauce. The cake is normally steamed first before pan fried.

Hashtag Daikon Fries

Get it? This is for the absolute mushroom funk lovers. This daikon cake is made with daikon, rice flour, dried wild porcini, oyster mushroom, wood ear, and shiitake served with house made chili oil and garlic sweet soy sauce. I could eat these during any sports game.

Cha Siu

One of the ultimate fahn hup's I grew up eating. Rice, BBQ Pork, Gai Lan, and a sunny side up EGG ALWAYS. This organic, hormone & antibiotic free pork shoulder was not shy of any flavor. Their eggs are also organic served with some organic quinoa rice. The best parts are the burnt ends that has been caramelized in the open flame.

Soy Sauce Chicken

Soy sauce chicken is one of my favorite Cantonese dishes. It's hard to find made right. A lot of times, it's extremely dry from staying under the heat lamps for so long. People just don't appreciate this style of chicken anymore. This was perfectly executed. The chicken breast was extremely succulent and I can't say that a lot about chicken breast. The soy sauce was not too salty, but perfectly balanced with the sweet marinade. Served with house ginger scallion sauce, and charred Gai Lan with sesame seeds on organic quinoa rice.

Cha Siu Cauliflower Steak

This is for the Vegan/Vegetarian peeps. You get the same marinade as the Cha Siu pork, but with a Cauliflower Steak. Have you ever had a Cauliflower steak? It changes you.

Jalapeño Salt and Pepper Tofu

These are for the spicy lovers. Beware because these poppers pack a lot of heat! The organic tofu is deep fried then doused in minced jalapeño, scallion, garlic, salt and pepper. I could take the heat, but I'm not going to lie that I sweated a little.

5 Spiced Pork Belly

Roasted Pork belly. It's pretty self explanatory. This might be one of my top favorite ways to eat pork. It's a huge staple in our culture. Something that is served for celebratory events, holidays, or just a Friday night special. The pork belly is the best cut of the whole roasted pig. Rice Box focuses solely on the belly. Yeah, it's good.

To wrap things up, everything we had was phenomenal. To me, this is what Chinese BBQ is all about. If there was a restaurant that made food this great in a rice box, I would be there in a heartbeat almost everyday. This is also something I know a lot of older generations would love.

Don't forget to check them out at Unique Markets. Tickets are sold $10 at the door -Cash Only, but you can always purchase your ticket online by clicking HERE.

Stay tuned as Rice Box is working into becoming a brick and mortar.


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Hainan Chicken

Hello, you. Work, life, has been insanely busy for me. My internet is down, it's like 9:30 at night and I am crashing from 4 cups of coffee. I don't need help, I need sleep! But, I had a little time after work to grab a quick beer with a coworker.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Just a quick gulp and catching up before headed home to deal with cleaning and cooking, but mostly cleaning. We grabbed our beers from "Rounds" in Pasadena on North Lake Avenue. 

Ok as I am writing this blog, my mom literally sent me like 10 food images. Wondering where I get my passion from.  

Going back to being busy, and tired. I was using the excuse that maybe I have allergies, and that's why I'm so tired because my eyes feel heavy, swollen, and small. But no. I need to come to realization that sleeping past 12 to wake up at 6am doesn't work anymore.  

So with that said, I needed to make something fast. Easy. Without making a mess. Something I can get done quickly, so I can eat it, and tell you about it. YOU. See how important you are? 



I got 3 Cups of white jasmine rice, rinsed 3 times. I then filled it with chicken broth as you would for 3 cups of rice. If the palms of my hands is touching the rice with my fingers flat, the liquid should come up slightly above my knuckles.

I took one slice of lime and about 6 slices of ginger to cook together with the rice. Leave it. It's done and wait for it to cook. 

The ginger scallin sauce is simple. I grated (and you can always finely mince) 4-5 tablespoons of ginger, finely chopped one large bundle of green onions (about 6 stems), and minced 2 cloves of garlic. Combine these ingredients together and dash 1 teaspoon of kosher salt. Heat 1/3 of a cup of oil, I used Thrive Algae Oil because that's what I've been using lately, but you want a flavorless oil. When the oil is heated, just simply pour it into your mixture, and add 2 tablespoons of soy sauce. Your sauce is done!

For the chicken, I got a 4-5 pound thigh pack from the market. I trimmed off as much fat as I could so I wouldn't have that much trouble with cleaning. I boiled 1/2 a pot of water, enough to submerge the chicken, 2 tablespoons of salt to season the water, the rest of the lime slices that I didn't use, 6-8 large slices of ginger, 3 large cloves of garlic, 2 stems of green onion, and 1 tablespoon of white pepper.  Now, let the chicken boil and simmer for 30 minutes on medium.

Now. The recipe is literally something I threw together. No science. But if I didn't like it, I wouldn't spend the time to tell you about it. Laying here awkwardly writing this on my phone, sucking away my data. You eat this chicken and tell me you love it!  

Anyways, check your rice. If it turns out a little dry, pour in more chicken stock from your pot of chicken. When ready to serve, scoop some rice, take your chicken, and then slather the ginger scallion sauce over the chicken. The sauce is everything eaten together with the rice and chicken. My dad used to put the sauce in a can of sardines. Don't ask. I don't know. I don't like that. But he does. 

This is another huge staple of something I grew up eating. Quick and comforting, and as always, extremely affordable. 

now it's 9:54pm. I can still make it to sleep now! Just need to brush my teeth! 

Happy cooking and let me know what you think. 

remember that food should always be accessible!  




Mui Choy Kou Yoke

If I was a comfort food, how will I look like? I've already talked about how rice is a huge necessity in my life, and without it, I would die. But, if I were to look like some kind of Chinese food, it will be this dish right here.

Muy Choi is some kind of preserved mustard greens which needs to be soaked and re-hydrated before you cook them. My mom should be teaching me the recipe soon, so stay put. But, the work that goes into this is pretty messy. Basically, you are deep frying the skin of the pork belly until it gets super bubbly and golden before you stew it for a few hours until its fork tender. That's how mom makes it. So that's the way. If you zoomed in, you can see the beautiful cracked golden skin from the frying, though it's not crunchy anymore. The sauce is just components of chicken stock, a few soy sauces, some brown sugar and tons of garlic. My mom likes to throw in orange peel, but I like to leave it out.

I had this for dinner last night with a little sriracha drizzled over. I ate this with a giant spoon, baggy sweat clothes while watching the Food Network. How does that not sound amazing? It's pretty cold tonight. And I can barely feel my nose and toes. If this was my last meal, I have no regrets. Why? Because this was my moms cooking. One of those "Come by, I made your favorite" type of phone calls.

So if I really did die (someone please knock on wood), just know, I died in a happy place because I've had one of my most cherished, favorite if not THE one, Chinese dish of all time.

Thank you mother even though you are crazy 95% of the time.