Pitchoun is a fairly new bakery located in DTLA on Olive Street. Pitchoun is also a family owned bakery who were originally from South of France. Besides it being a bakery, it is also a cafe that serves up some tasty sandwiches as well as tartines. I'm such a huge fan of french Pâtisserie so it didn't take me any hesitation to say yes to swing by.

some baked goods and sweets.

North Pole

This smoked salmon tartine was served on a bed of arugula, country bread, and topped off with capers, creamy spread with chives and shallots. The Country bread was nice and thin that allowed easy bites without playing tug of war. The smoked salmon was fresh, with no fishy aftertaste. Just a nice smoked flavor with the brininess of the capers. I loved this and will definitely order it again. For $13.50, you definitely get a great sizeable portion good enough to share.


This tartine was composed of Ciabatta break, topped with fennel, asparagus, sundried tomatoes, pisto, fresh basil, chicken, and cheese. Fresh and light with a yummy bright pesto. Piled high, but not heavy at all with the nice combination of veggies.

Cappuccino - Enjoy this with your lunch or a Pâtisserie

Mixed Berry Fruit tart

Could not say no to that Fig. This tart was delicious, buttery and flaky. The fruits were also really fresh. There's not much to say about this besides it being great. With a nice cup of cappuccino, I can sit here for a while.


Oh yes. This angry bird eclair exists from time to time. Whether you are getting one for a kid or you just want to feel like one all over again, these are fun to have.

More outdoor seating

More outdoor seating

545 S Olive St. Los Angeles, CA 90013