So. My mom calls me, twice. She asked me if I had dinner yet, at 6 PM. Ok just say it, what is it? She got a new car and said she wants to drive me. Keeping in mind that I was assuming she got the car some time this or last week. I got to her place from Pasadena within 30 minutes. As I parked and got out, she was getting ready to back out. After getting in, I looked at her like 'whhhaaattt are you doing..?'. She stops in the middle of the road as she was trying to switch to drive. I asked her "Did you just get the car today?!" she said yes in the afternoon.


I'm not even kidding you. The seat belt fastened so quick it just took one click. And then, I kept my arms away from the doors, and sunk my body into the seat. I feared she was going to make an asian move into the intersection to merge and a car was going to slam on my side. If I had balls, they shriveled. I was so terrified! I'm not going to lie I wanted to cry. She sees a random restaurant and asked me if I would like to try it. I, immediately said yes. Especially because it was around the corner from her place and I don't want to be a passenger for more than 1 mile.

Dandan's Guilin Rice Noodle

600 E Valley Blvd Ste A San Gabriel, CA 91776

Just to start. I kind of felt this vibe as if our patronage was not necessary. Given they were fairly empty for their little shack, I felt bad to not try it while my mom wanted to leave and eat somewhere else. I'm not sure if I would come back because of that. My mom was speaking to the waitress in cantonese. I could hear it in her tone and see her body gestures that she was not into us. I don't tend to do this... but when someone upsets me and I feel disrespected, I give them the look. I have this thing I do, that I just stare. Into their eyes. Suck out their soul. And that's it. But my goal now, is to eat, pray for my safety as my mom drives back, and go.

First dish

Cold trio appetizer

You are able to choose 3 different types of cold dishes that they offer for this trio appetizer. My mom chose the seaweed, spicy pig ears, and some dried been curd. It was mediocre, not bad, but not great. A typical appetizer that I love to snack on. The seaweed is in a slight tangy vinegar, sesame marinade.

Beef Brisket rice

This dish was actually pretty good. It was stewed till tender, and it came out pretty quick. Literally, in about 2 minutes. There wasn't anything particularly special about this dish. It was just comforting and hearty. I doused this with a lot of chili oil.

What's not shown are some scallion pancakes that were also mediocre. Not sure if they made it in house, but it lacked a lot of color, and can be cooked a little longer to cook out the grease.

Not sure if I will come back because of the bad attitude. I will always try a restaurant again for their food. For service, it only takes one bad impression for me to walk.

And, honestly, this is 626. I can find this food anywhere.

Thanks Mom!