So it's another Sunday where I would just whip up a simple bacon and waffles breakfast. As I was cooking bacon, I had an epiphany. Bacon.. I used to bake the bacon in the oven, but I've been cooking it on the stove lately. The sound of sizzling bacon and seeing the fat transform to a dark golden brown is a sight any diet person would dream about. So as I was cooking the bacon.. my eyes just lit up.

Cooking the perfect Bacon.


  • B A C O N.

I realized cooking bacon is like making popcorn. I have the pan on high, and sizzle the bacon on for about 2 minutes till it shrinks a little and starts making the ripples. After you flip it, you will basically do the same, but lower the temperature a bit as the fat starts melting off. After this, I would flip the bacon more occasionally. Maybe because it's more enticing to see the fat bubbles foam around it or something, but I just can't leave because it's so beautiful to look at. So, like popcorn. Once the sizzling starts fading away, your bacon is ready. Don't mind the char bits at all because it adds so much more smokey flavor. I drizzled the bacon with a little maple syrup and just a tad of Cayenne pepper because I am obsessed with that at the moment (though it makes my mustache on fire).

I served this with some cold brew that I've got from Trader Joes.

Cold Brew by Trader Joes

Trader joe sells a small jug of cold brew for about $7-8. It makes around 12 8oz cups. but more like 6 cups because who really drinks 8 oz? I made a quick simple syrup, chilled everything, and served with a lot of ice, and a splash of whole milk.

Bacon, cold brew, I am wired for Sunday Funday and ready to go!