That's right. This place is ridiculous. Even Dine LA reposted one of my pictures which you can see HERE.

My brother was the first person that actually took me here. It felt like love at first bite. Their homemade torta was the first thing that I noticed. Super fluffy, and has the consistency of a soft ciabatta with the slightest tang of a sourdough. One random week, I was craving Molcajete. Like, REALLY craving it. Molcajete is that large volcanic stone mortar and pestle (I need one now). Usually served with some steak, chicken, shrimp, grilled queso, grilled onions, and spicy salsa. Absolutely delicious and 100% comforting, with some beer or a margarita.

When searching for a spot, I noticed that Cooks Tortas also serves a Molcajete Torta. And given their selections and all the ones I've tried prior, I was confident enough to trust their concoction to be fulfilling.

Two Tortas were ordered. Of course, the Molcajete:

THE Molcajete

So far, I've ordered this Molcajete twice after having it because it's THAT amazing. This was so succulent. The meat had a strong citrus, lime flavor which I LOVE in a sandwich likes this. It actually helps cut the richness of everything else. Their salsas was slightly spicy, but may be a little spicy for those that has a lighter palate. I'm telling myself now that I need to get something else next time, but looking at this again, I don't think I can. Plus, just look at the salsa, that Queso, the roasted green chile just hanging out telling you to "eat Me... EEEAATT MEEEEE" can you hear it too?

BBQ Pulled Pork Torta

Super juicy. Simple, but one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I've had when done right (same proportions with every bite). The slaw makes this sandwich balanced. You need that refreshing crunch to cut through the sweetness of the BBQ. I highly recommend this sandwich as well.

This is located south of Atlantic going towards the 60 Freeway. Cross streets are Atlantic and close to Brightwood.

Don't forget to order their Chiles Toreado and aguas fresca. I'm probably 5 minutes away, so you'll probably see me here. Let me know what your favorite is from here and I'll make sure to try it.

Tortas Up!