Chinese BBQ

I remember in our household, we would have the items above weekly. Everything of course tasted better with an egg. What I loved most about this, and you may not believe it, but it's a penny savor. What makes this meal cost efficient is the rice, a hunka hunk of it! My favorite parts are the duck leg, the fatty sections in the char siu, and the charred parts from the BBQ Sausage. I remember eating a ton of this when I was younger, but not as much when I was on my own. It is something that I've forgotten, but I've found my way back to remembering the best foods from my childhood.

This screams comfort food to a lot of Chinese People! In LA, you can find BBQ chinese meats in San Gabriel Valley and a few in Chinatown. Remember, most places are cash only... or so they say.

If you have left overs, I recommend making fried rice with the char siu and BBQ sausage (or scrambled eggs, MMMMMmmMMMmm!) . I like using the roast duck in noodles.

I can't wait to devour this for dinner. What are you having tonight?