We celebrated my brother's birthday on Sunday, 11/22, but his birthday is on the 11/24. He was asking what's for dinner, and like every year whether it's my birthday or his, our responses to each other when asked is always "McDonald's". I did offer him a 20 pc chicken nugget combo instead of the 10. See? Best f*cking sister EVER-ever.

Just look at him with his skinny legs, all cool. And there's me. With that pissed off resting bitch face that I just can't get rid of. I'm telling you, I'm born with it. But deng, I'm looking cute. Not trying to take the spotlight away from my brother, but my bowl cut is on point.

My brother wanted an early dinner, which worked out perfectly because ONE: I like to go out early and TWO: We ended up hopping to another restaurant.

So first things first. L & E Oyster Bar.

1637 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

We arrived a little short under 5:30. It was quiet and pretty much remained that way for the rest of our dinner. Going back to first things first, drinks. My brother and I ordered a beer.  The beer list is pretty small. There were only 5 on the list I believe with 4 being drafts. There are a lot more options for wine, but you know me, I love to slug beer down my throat.. but.. I also do that with wine too so..

Hush Puppies

The complimentary amuse bouche Hush Puppies were amaze balls. With a touch of honey just adds the finishing punch to make this good to great. Wouldn't this be great to serve during the holidays? I would eat so much of these I would be scared of myself. My new years resolution will be ruined till 2017 comes along.


Second. Oysters.

These were $30 for a dozen of the daily special. They were okay... but weren't too memorable. I think we were all spoiled by the fantastic oysters we had at the Santa Monica Pier during Special Olympics. We had the most amazing oysters that day served by The Providence. But out of the 3 Pacific osyters that we tried, the Kusshi was my favorite while everyone liked the Reach island.


For $17, I will definitely pass. To be honest, there was little to none shrimp flavor. I love love LOVE shrimp cocktail, so this was extremely disappointing. I don't say this much, but I did feel slightly robbed.

I love raw oysters, but, I love fried oysters. I don't know why and I get it. Everyone wants that fresh oyster. But it's annoying me how oysters are the new pretentious food item that everyone raves about. Not saying I don't love it because I do, especially with a big fat Uni on top. But, I have the hugest appreciation for cooked oysters as well. I'm extremely versatile, and will not deny food that is good. I'm tired of people who thinks fried oysters are cheap oysters. And that raw oysters are the only way to go. Like get real. Rare steak does not taste as good as medium rare. Does that make sense? We were all babies once. Heck I ate glue and thought it was marshmallow cream. Get over it. 

Going back to fried oysters. Yes, I love fried oysters so damn much. And at times, better than loving fresh oysters. I love how the texture of the oyster changes when it's cooked and the flavors become more pungent. With the fried contrast from the crumbs, and the creamy/tart flavors of the lemon and tartar sauce, there isn't anything else I would rather eat. All my friends know how much I LOVE fried oysters. The ratio from the breading needs to be spot. The crust on these were delicious, though I wished they used a larger oyster, for that texture that I am looking for. 10 orders of this, with a big pitcher of beer, stretchy pants, and loud Backstreet Boys "Drowning - in your love". I will be in heaven.

roasted cauliflower

These roasted cauliflowers were roasted and served with finger lime avocado mojo & sweet potato chips. Pretty good, but simple. I love Cauliflower, and felt this was something I could make at home. $12.


$32. I wasn't too pleased sadly. So sad. Anyways.. There was a profound flavor of cumin, which masked the whole dish. It was almost impossible to taste the fish. The other thing that was extremely disappointing, was all the bones that were left. Maybe I'm comparing a Branzino that I've had at Bestia in Downtown LA which for $31, had all the bones removed. I know, I sound like a spoiled brat. We weren't sure which part of the fish were bones, or if there were any left in the spaghetti squash. Being extremely careful, I still managed to get one stabbed in the roof of my mouth.


Next hop! Yakuza Sushi Izakaya

With a name like that? How can you go wrong! And by now, our expectations are low.


Hot Sake

I am not a fan of hot sake, but since the brother wanted it, he gets it. It's always the first one, like all other face punching shots out there, that is the hardest to take down. After that, slugging Daisy is out! ANOTHERRR ONNEEE! (Trust me. I can get dangerous to cheers with).

Top left: Yellowtail Belly sushi, Salmon and Yellowtail cut roll, Bonjiri and Sunagimo.

Bottom left: Fried squid legs, Blue crab roll, chicken karaage.

Everything was better than expected. I think the funnest part about this was our low expectations. And my brother really wanted sake. And tacos. He really wanted tacos. 

The reason why we crossed the street to dine here in the first place, was because the menu at L&E was very limited to what we really wanted. And it's really hard to eat oysters to get full. At $3+ each, the bill can easily become a car payment. And if you can afford to eat $3 raw oysters till you are full, I will punch your face. Who the hell eats $3 oysters until you are full?! No matter how rich you are. Don't do that. Fried oysters, maybe. But I have John.. my all of a sudden trainer and dietitian when I start consuming a lot of calories during dinner. GOD WHY CAN'T HE LET ME LIVE! 


Strawberry Shortcake

This is not similar to Blue Bunny or Good Humor strawberry shortcake. This was just simply strawberry ice cream dipped in white chocolate. I was extremely disappointed since I was really expecting the traditional flavors of BB/GH. This tasted nothing like it. I know it's still a good pop, but not the original.

Strawberry Macaron Ice Cream and Banana tres leches. Both of these were yummy. Their macaron had a good chew, not too sweet, perfect combination with the ice cream. The bananas tres leches was amazing! Super rich and creamy in the best most lactose intolerant way. I definitely got bloated after eating these, and the gas last through my next lifetime. Yeah I know I have no filter. 

DENG that's COLD. It was a lovely evening though we could've had a few more beers and sake. It was, Sunday after all. And the time was ticking to rush home to watch The Walking Dead. Did you guys see it yet? No spoiler alerts, but social media Memes are OUT OF THIS WORLD funny as hell.

As for more drinks.. that will be something we are planning shortly in the month of December. Stay tuned for that.

Happy Birthday DAVID!

I am broke.