My supervisor took me with her to a Vendor lunch today for new partnership opportunities in our broadcast department. I love going to Smitty's for a good cocktail, shrimp cocktail, more cocktails, and endless conversations. 

Glancing through the menu, I really didn't feel all that hungry. But for some reason, I ordered a burger. I should've ordered a salad, or seafood. Something that screams I'm not that hungry. A burger? What was I thinking?  

In no time, our food came in a snippy.  

Smokehouse burger

Smokehouse burger

Applewood smoked bacon, grilled onions, white Vermont cheddar, and rattlesnake bbq sauce.  

Umm hey guys I know it's the first time you are meeting me... And I should've ordered something cleaner.. But. BURGER! Get in my BELLY NOW! Of course these guys have no idea what a foodie I am. And I only got lucky with this photo because my supervisor brought up my love for food (thanks Kathy!)  

The burger was not just big, it was juicy, good greasy from the cheese and bbq sauce. Each bite that I took needed to be followed by licking my fingers. Extra napkins is mandatory. White or beige pants especially, should have a napkin over, with the dirty on top of that. 

The burger had no chance. Even though I wasn't that hungry as I said, I can never leave a burger half eaten. It's just not in my character. The burger itself was huge. Had a nice smoked charrrr. Delicious smoked bacon with crispy edges. And the sauce was finger-licking good. 

When I got back to the office, I went straight to the kitchen and poured myself a big cup of Joe, and chugged it like vodka.  

Until next time Smitty's. When I am there to guzzle myself with endless martinis and talk like a pirate.