I found some beautiful Argentinian Shrimp from the seafood market the other day. I was extremely captivated by their size, the colors of the shell (light pink), and their special price for the weekend. Besides the size, they also had their heads attached which is an extra plus. I've never cooked with this shrimp before, so I wanted to keep it simple so I don't overkill the flavors.

I coated the shrimps with a little olive oil and kosher salt. I had a hot cast iron preheating before dropping these little Argentinians in.

I let the first side go for 2 minutes before turning them over. I then drop some leftover compound butter that's mixed with minced garlic, parsley, and salt. I give it a few flips so each side is coated, then drop a good freshly squeezed lime into the pan and continue to deglaze.

Total cook time was around 6 minutes. I wanted the shell to be blistered and crispy from the heat. That was easily achieved with a hot cast iron.

The lime and garlic butter sauce really did wonders. I ate this with a bowl of rice. All the juices and lime flavors went oh-so-perfectly with my rice. It's so easy, but extremely delicious. I'm not sure how often Argentinian shrimps are available, but I found mines at the 99 Ranch market (Chinese Market).

Let me know your thoughts!

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