Over the past few years, I've noticed the price increase in avocados. I don't think about it as often until the day I need to make guacamole. I can still remember the days you can find avocados 3 for $1. Of course you would become less picky to the quality of the avocados. Nowadays, I'm extremely picky with the exterior of the avocados as well as size. Because hey, size does matter.

I'm swagged out!

I'm excited to share a great event I attended for Vons as they will be featuring a new local grower every week through September. The event was in collaboration with California Avocado Commission as they are one of the features in stores at Vons. These fresh California Avocados is known for their appearance (large and evenly shaped), creamy textures and delicious taste. California Avocados are cultivated in ideal growing conditions in the unique climate of coastal California. Just look for the "California" on the label to ensure that you are choosing avocados grown with utmost dedication and care by California Avocado growers. Also handpicked by the way.


Handpicked and ready to be shipped :)

Cute little avocados not ready yet.

Farm to Table lunch avocado themed (obviously).


Cucumber water, Lavender Lemonade, Unsweetened Black Iced Tea

Vegan Cauliflower Ceviche

California Avocado Southwest Salad.

California Avocado Potato Salad - Sub Mayo for Avocados to still get that fatty richness you crave. The good fat, you know?

Chipotle marinated portabella mushrooms topped with avocado pico de gallo

BBQ Tri Tip with Avocado chimichurri.

California Avocado Key Lime Pudding Shots (Thank you Tina for giving me yours!)

Everything was not just fresh, but freaking delicious. Actually, probably one of the best-catered meal I've ever had. I'm definitely inspired to make more dishes with avocados. I think avocados are normally used in sandwiches, eaten plain, or in guacamole. But, there are so many ways to eat avocados. You can fry them, make sauces and dressings like the ones I've had above. I'll be sharing some of my inspired creations soon so stay tuned for that.

Remember to look for avocados with "California" to ensure that you are choosing avocados grown close to home.



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