One thing I will never take for granted is the beautiful sun. It's one of the reasons why I look forward to the weekends. There are a lot of things we aren't able to do between 8-5 because of work. So on weekends, I try to utilize all my time by spending time with family, friends, and just walking around when there's still light out.

We went to Frances for one lovely brunch with oysters and mimosas. It's something that is so easy to just do at home and extremely intimate with your friends around.

Frances picked up 3 different oysters, I believe.. from the Hollywood Farmers Market. The varieties were Kumamoto, Kusshi, and Shigoku. Everything was super fresh and shucked perfectly with no chip (yay Frances!).

Served with mignonette, lemon and horseradish. Make a quick cocktail sauce with ketchup, squeeze of lemon, splash of mignonette and horseradish.

She also picked up some fresh bread and made some egg toast which was very delightful. Eggs were fluffy and mixed with chives. Just dash some hot sauce and we are good to go.

Cheers for a lovely weekend.