I've never used a meal kit service before so when I was asked to try Salted Eats I was more than stoked. What's unique about Salted Eats unlike other prepared meal kits out there is that the recipes are created by LA's best chefs. Each meal also comes with a tutorial by the chef themselves on how to prepare the meal.

The meal I received to share with all of you is the "Porcini-crusted Rib Eye with Mushrooms and Thyme" from Butchers and Barbers with Chef Luke Reyes. Out of a few items I could pick from, I chose the steak because I am a huge lover of rib eye. And every time I do cook my steaks, it's always the same way. Seasoned with Lawrys garlic salt with big cracked pepper. A little olive oil on a high sear. Making a steak with sauce, herbs and butter is something I would never do or at least be comfortable with doing. The recipes are simple. I recommend you watch the video tutorial and read through the instructions before starting to better prepare.

Like all meal kits, the items are bundled and delivered in an insulated bag to keep the ingredients fresh. In this Porcini Rib Eye meal, the items that come with are:

  • 1 Dry Aged Rib Eye (16oz)
  • 1 tablespoon of maldon salt
  • 1 tablespoon of Porcini Powder
  • 2 tablespoons of butter
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • fresh thyme
  • 3 types of mushrooms: Hen-of-the-woods/chanterelle/cremini (about 2 oz of each)
  • 1 tablespoon of sherry vinegar

The steak is rubbed with olive oil, then liberally with the porcini powder, salt & pepper, and maldon salt. The steaks are then seared on high heat until both sides create a nice crust/color. Steaks are then removed. Now, you can follow the instructions and stick the steaks in a 400 degree oven to cook for 6 minutes, but I just let the steaks rest to the side.

I've had a lot of experience cooking steaks, that's why I chose to not stick the steaks in the oven. But if you are an amateur, I recommend you follow the recipe since these are prime ingredients. The butter is thrown in with the garlic and thyme. Once the butter is heated up, place your steaks and base. By the way, the recipe you see is for one steak. I had a few orders since there was a group that came by for dinner. I based the steaks for a good 4-5 minutes or so before removing them to rest.

The 3 mushrooms are thrown in to saute. Add salt and lots of cracked pepper to season. The sherry vinegar is added with a little water to thin out the sauce a little.

Perfect medium rare steak gradation throughout the cuts.

Perfect medium rare steak gradation throughout the cuts.

Top your steaks with the mushrooms and garnish with fresh thyme. The steak was cooked perfectly. The porcini powder was not as abrasive as you think considering how strong it smelled. The sherry vinegar added a much needed acidic cut through the richness of the butter that was used. I made a simple mashed potato and roasted Brussel sprouts to serve with the steak.

A definite crowd pleaser. Find out more on Salted Eats.