I've heard of bacon jams almost around the same time I discovered chocolate covered bacon. Bacon is everywhere and I haven't met one person that denies it making all food that much better. Even it's own fat can make a dish delicious. Bacon is also extremely common, now, to be used on not only savory dishes, but sweets. I discovered the existence of "The Bacon Jams" a few weeks ago and was in total dilemma on what to make. But, it wasn't long before I decided to make a Bacon Jam Burger with homemade Garlic Aioli sauce.

I went to the butcher and requested some chuck meat be grounded up for my recipe. I didn't want to use the pre-ground meat packaged and ready to go. I find a weird taste in those. I'm not sure why, but I am always pleased with ground chuck.

This burger was pretty amazing and the bacon jam stuff is so addicting that it made the burger utterly umami. (See below for video or click HERE).

Beef patty
1 pound of ground chuck meat.
Salt and Pepper, olive oil

Grilled onions
1 white onion diced not too small.
Bread: sesame bun

Garlic Aioli:
1/2 cup of mayonnaise
5 cloves of garlic grated
1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt
3 cracks of black pepper (optional)
Mix and let rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

The ground beef is just lightly compacted until the shape is perfectly formed to the side of your liking. I learned the trick to press slightly to create a small well. This will plump back up as it cooks, and normally my indicator to flip the burger. I don't season the meat when mixing, only on top and bottom.

The white onions are cooked in the same pan as the beef. Season lightly with salt and pepper and let it cook until it starts getting caramelized.

The bread is lightly toasted. After this, start building your burger to your liking. Some garlic aioli, bacon jam, burger patty, grilled onions, tomato, avocado and arugula for your own gourmet burger at home!

Thank you,