It's been a while since I've had a burger. And by a while, it's not having it every other day. I think it's been over a week since I had one, and probably the reason why I've been in a not so pleasant mood.  

Why Daisy?! Why did I stop eating burgers?! Well, to be honest... I was at the dentist one day. And they were working up my mouth for so long, my jaw was stuck, and became sore for the next few days. I had a burger that night because I couldn't say no. But then, the regrets starts to roll in as the pain punches your face. Yes I still ate my burger but decided to give myself a break. 

After a long week of work, I realized, I needed a burger. Need is a little bit of a understatement. I felt like I was almost turning Vegan. I wanted a burger to bring me back to reality. I am a carnivore. 

Witt a slight hesitation, I went with my basic pick. Because I was starving, and really wanted something I know I could trust.  

This is my 1/3 of delicious Hormone & Antibiotics free beef. John got the 1/2 pounder. It didn't even cross my mind to order a bigger patty until I saw how thick his was.  

Toppings: red onions, corn and black beans salsa, fresh jalapeños, Anaheim chilies, roasted green chilies, roasted red peppers, roasted tomatoes, and coleslaw.  

The Jaw test. I think I did pretty good. I don't like cutting my burgers in half. Maybe for a photo, but, I like to hold it in my hands. It makes me feel powerful. The slight grease that trails on your fingers, and the constant napping grabbing. 

I've been going to the Counter for 8 years now I believe. The first time I was here, I arm wrestled someone and had my first Fat Tire beer. It happens! but I love to arm wrestle, it helps me take down burgers.  

At the end of the day, the Counter is still one of my favorite Burger restaurants. They have killer onion strings, Allagash Curieux (I love tripels) and Gold Road Hef on tap. 

From your professional burger eater,