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Spago - Beverly Hills


Spago - Beverly Hills

One of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. We dined here recently for Angela (Brother's fiancee) birthday dinner. We were seated promptly and complimentary bubbly was poured all around. No better way to start a full tasting.

I've been to Spago once, so this will be my second time. Spago was serving a special Akaushi wagyu that was just imported from Japan that night. Literally, the whole cow. That was one of my highlights from our meal.



Without further ado, below is the giant tasting menu we had.

I am ready to come back in summer.



Pig Pen Delicacy - Santa Ana


Pig Pen Delicacy - Santa Ana

Pig Pen Delicacy, located on 201 E 4th St - Santa Ana, CA 92701, inside 4th street market.

I got the chance to taste Pig Pen Delicacy yesterday, another one of Andy and his partners Kevin, Mark and Jason's creation. This place serves a few dishes that are focused in a world of pork and bacon flavors. Just the sound of that gives me heartburns. But, that's why I have Tums.

I've never been to Downtown Santa Ana, so making the trip from Pasadena was already worth it to be able to explore a city I am not familiar with. We arrived around 7. Just in time before the crowd started swarming in. Pig Pen Delicacy as said before, is located inside the 4th street market, but you would need to make your way inside as it is wrapped passed the corner. You will figure it out. Andy recommended a few dishes which we tried. So let's get it on.

BBQ Pulled pork sandwich

I had a feeling they might've been running low on pulled pork for this tasting because the portions were really minimal. I am not complaining since I understand that they were pretty busy from the heavy crowds. But based on the pork that I was able to taste in this, it was something that I enjoyed.

The pork was cooked till tender with some pickled carrots and daikon to cut through the richness of the meat and egg. The brioche bun held the sandwich together nicely as well as soaking up the yolk lava from the eggs. Like really, what kind of world are we living in if eggs can't be cooked perfectly?



Maple Bacon Jam Burger

I loved this burger. I've never had a sweet and savory burger like this before. I am not a fan of western bbq sauced burgers or hawaiin burgers with pineapple. But sausage with syrup or bacon dipped in syrup is my kind of thing. I think when you really want to imagine how a sweet and savory burger would taste like, this is it. It brings a nostalgic moment from childhood. Eating pancakes and oozing your maple syrup all over everything on your plate imaginable. This is comfort food right here y'all.

Candied Bacon

I don't really need to say much about it. It's bacon with brown sugar and spices. Baked until it's finger licking good. What more do you want? Good Daisy... eat that bacon...

Pork Belly Fries

Again, I think they were running low on pork belly because there were only a few nibbles floating around. The flavors though were really great. I can only imagine how delicious and composed this dish would be if made with their proportions (I saw photos during the day, and this order was HUGE compared to this). Loved the fries that they use. Loved the creamy cilantro sauce with the fresh pico de gallo. Would love to try this again next time I come.

Enjoy. And always love the Dew.


The Fat Dog - Pau & Johnny - Part 2


The Fat Dog - Pau & Johnny - Part 2

To continue from Part 1 where Pau, Johnny and I were hanging out at the Idle Hour, we decided to make our way to The Fat Dog.

11050 Magnolia Blvd - North Hollywood, CA 91601

After having a liquid brunch, we were literally turning into Zombies with no sense of direction. I mean, Pau literally lunged to the streets without looking and stopped traffic with her super powers as we trickled behind her. She was on a mission. A mission for Swedish meatballs.

I love it. I went to tinkle and came out with food already on the way. Since we were just snacking, they do have some fun nibbles that are worth to try. Let's start with the sliders shall we.

The Flight

Any beer loving fiend would love cheeseburgers of all sizes. These little decadent-pinky-worth buns with bacon, meat, cheese and guacamole can keep you fixated with your eyes crossed for a good minute.

Comes with fries. But, I would order more for other reasons I will share with you in a bit. But deng, I just love finger foods so much. I don't count calories, but I do think about the amount of food I consume at the end of the day. So little bites like these (x's 54674861231) makes me extremely happy because that means I can try more food. And who, who, does not want to try more food? For goodness sake. Look how delightful Johnny looks in the back enjoying a bite of a mysterious item. I swear it wasn't candid at all.

Hot Wings

I really... really.. enjoyed these wings a lot. I'm not sure if it was from all the beer I drank, but these were zippy. It felt almost as if the wings were marinated in buffalo sauce or rub, and then deep fried. I really don't know how they did it, but it reminds me of dry rubbed ribs. Served with celery and carrots, with their house bleu cheese dipping sauce. Thumbs up. I am ready to come back for this one.

Swedish Meatballs

If you love IKEA Swedish Meatballs, you will love the ones at the Fat Dog. Served in a heapfull, there are plenty of reasons to share. There's nothing fancy with this dish as there is nothing fancy at the ones you would find at IKEA. But, these are comforting as F#$k as they should be. This is where the extra fries would play along. Or, just order the fries with this gravy and lingonberry sauce to top off. Money.

I will be back really soon because there were still a lot of items I would like to try. Love you Pau & Johnny dearly.

Until next time. Eat & Drink responsibility.


800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria


800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria

I'm pretty sure all of you know by now that I love to drink. And if you didn't, know you know that I do. I also love tacos too, and fried chicken... and burgers.. and french fries and pasta and sushi. I know I get carried away.

It was my coworkers birthday, celebrated on a Friday night. I was staying back a bit at work to help out a colleague with some reports. Our anxiety was off the charts. But that's what booze is for. The first stop we headed to was Edward Mills in Old Town Pasadena. With $3 drinks and appetizers till 7, it doesn't get any better than that. Or, does it?

Thinking the party was almost over, I was hungry and ready to roam the streets for food. One coworker was ready to head over to King Taco which is genius after the drinks. I didn't know what I wanted. I just wanted something good.

I don't know how it happened, but we ended up here at 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria. My colleague mentioned an Instagram special where you order their pizza of the day. $5. No substitutions. But, you better check instagram first to know what the pizza of the day was. We were lucky and they were kind enough to let us slide. But next time we don't check, we just get bread sticks.

This is their Bianca with red onions, spinach and smoked provolone. A definite wowsers.

What I love about Neapolitan Pizzas is how thin they are. It also has a nice chew with a beautiful unique tang/sourness from the yeast. And honestly, the simpler the better. I feel like with Neapolitan pizza, it's all about the dough, the fresh sauce, cheese and just a few ingredients. Drink with a glass of wine or a nice cold brew is something I can envision myself doing on a casual afternoon.

For $5, it's definitely worth it. Seats were plentiful. I left my cellphone, and was definitely thankful no one took it... yet at least.

Find them on Instagram @800degreespizza to figure out what the next pizza of the day is. You might find me there.




Mui Choy Kou Yoke

If I was a comfort food, how will I look like? I've already talked about how rice is a huge necessity in my life, and without it, I would die. But, if I were to look like some kind of Chinese food, it will be this dish right here.

Muy Choi is some kind of preserved mustard greens which needs to be soaked and re-hydrated before you cook them. My mom should be teaching me the recipe soon, so stay put. But, the work that goes into this is pretty messy. Basically, you are deep frying the skin of the pork belly until it gets super bubbly and golden before you stew it for a few hours until its fork tender. That's how mom makes it. So that's the way. If you zoomed in, you can see the beautiful cracked golden skin from the frying, though it's not crunchy anymore. The sauce is just components of chicken stock, a few soy sauces, some brown sugar and tons of garlic. My mom likes to throw in orange peel, but I like to leave it out.

I had this for dinner last night with a little sriracha drizzled over. I ate this with a giant spoon, baggy sweat clothes while watching the Food Network. How does that not sound amazing? It's pretty cold tonight. And I can barely feel my nose and toes. If this was my last meal, I have no regrets. Why? Because this was my moms cooking. One of those "Come by, I made your favorite" type of phone calls.

So if I really did die (someone please knock on wood), just know, I died in a happy place because I've had one of my most cherished, favorite if not THE one, Chinese dish of all time.

Thank you mother even though you are crazy 95% of the time.