Pig Pen Delicacy, located on 201 E 4th St - Santa Ana, CA 92701, inside 4th street market.

I got the chance to taste Pig Pen Delicacy yesterday, another one of Andy and his partners Kevin, Mark and Jason's creation. This place serves a few dishes that are focused in a world of pork and bacon flavors. Just the sound of that gives me heartburns. But, that's why I have Tums.

I've never been to Downtown Santa Ana, so making the trip from Pasadena was already worth it to be able to explore a city I am not familiar with. We arrived around 7. Just in time before the crowd started swarming in. Pig Pen Delicacy as said before, is located inside the 4th street market, but you would need to make your way inside as it is wrapped passed the corner. You will figure it out. Andy recommended a few dishes which we tried. So let's get it on.

BBQ Pulled pork sandwich

I had a feeling they might've been running low on pulled pork for this tasting because the portions were really minimal. I am not complaining since I understand that they were pretty busy from the heavy crowds. But based on the pork that I was able to taste in this, it was something that I enjoyed.

The pork was cooked till tender with some pickled carrots and daikon to cut through the richness of the meat and egg. The brioche bun held the sandwich together nicely as well as soaking up the yolk lava from the eggs. Like really, what kind of world are we living in if eggs can't be cooked perfectly?



Maple Bacon Jam Burger

I loved this burger. I've never had a sweet and savory burger like this before. I am not a fan of western bbq sauced burgers or hawaiin burgers with pineapple. But sausage with syrup or bacon dipped in syrup is my kind of thing. I think when you really want to imagine how a sweet and savory burger would taste like, this is it. It brings a nostalgic moment from childhood. Eating pancakes and oozing your maple syrup all over everything on your plate imaginable. This is comfort food right here y'all.

Candied Bacon

I don't really need to say much about it. It's bacon with brown sugar and spices. Baked until it's finger licking good. What more do you want? Good Daisy... eat that bacon...

Pork Belly Fries

Again, I think they were running low on pork belly because there were only a few nibbles floating around. The flavors though were really great. I can only imagine how delicious and composed this dish would be if made with their proportions (I saw photos during the day, and this order was HUGE compared to this). Loved the fries that they use. Loved the creamy cilantro sauce with the fresh pico de gallo. Would love to try this again next time I come.

Enjoy. And always love the Dew.