Chang Beer

I attended Chang Beer's Sensory trail not too long ago. It was an event in Los Angeles that brought everything Thai to one place.

That day was actually the first time I've really drank Chang beer. Meaning I've had a few during this event. I don't know why I don't drink this, but I was really impressed. It's delicate crisp flavors really compliments any type of food. I can see this pair extremely well with bbq foods and spicy dishes. It has a nice sweetness to it without being overbearing whatsoever. 

Live music

Our dinner tasting was curated by Chef Bao Bao of Baoburg in Brooklyn, New York. The flavors held true to tradition done in a modern aesthetic presentation.

1/2 shell oyster with ikura, uni, fried shallots, and a spicy sweet chili sauce.

Papaya salad with fried catfish served on a bai cha plu.

Khang Hung Lay - Northern style pork stew curry with pickled garlic and ginger, pork rind served with sticky rice.

Khanom sai sai - steamed un-chan sticky rice flour with salted caramel coconut filling.

Drink CHANG beer!