7Fusion is the creation of husband and wife team, Shera and Edu Obasi, who after 2 years of delicate and painstaking work, designing a space and menu experience that would bring to life their multi-cultural backgrounds and travels to the far corners of the globe. 7Fusion offers diners a unique, sensual, multi-sensory experience, which artfully fuses influences from the Far East with California cuisine, delivering a true collaboration of flavors from each of the 7 Continents.

You can create your own meal cooked by chefs in the dining room facing open kitchen. You're able to choose from 7 house-made marinades, such as Red or Yellow Curry, spicy Chile Garlic and Miso Ponzu, organic vegetables, noodles, and a selection of exotic proteins and seafood. Another signature menu feature is the Hot Pot series; a fantastically presented stir pot service offering diners a choice from a large assortment of fresh, raw ingredients that will be cooked right at the table, in one of three flavorful broths including Fresh Beef Bone, Citrus Lime or Vegetable.