Your day just got Feta! Had Luna Grill's Beyond Burger. Yup you guess right. A beefless meat patty that is 100% pant based. How cool is that? Or scary. Whatever floats your boat. I'm a little with both. Cool that we've come a long way for veggie patties and scary to know people are actually trying to mock the flavor and texture of beef. Even the looks of a medium/medium rare exists in these Beyond Meat patties.

The verdict? The texture was pretty spot on. It didn't have the fat you would imagine a fatty chuck would have. It didn't have the same fat crust you would normally get. However, did I miss a burger while eating this? No. It actually satisfied my craving for a burger so it did it's job. This is a great alternative if you want to cut out meat, but still enjoy a burger that has a better substance than one made with beans. 

They also sell this in Ralphs. I'm excited to eat this again to be honest.