I think Kitchen Mouse is my favorite place for breakfast/brunch when I'm in Highland Park. Surprisingly, they serve incredibly delicious Vegetarian food. When I order a meal here, I don't really miss the meat. I believe it was a weekday when we came. They do get really packed on the weekends so it was nice to not have to wait in a line.

My absolutely favorite thing to order here is their chilaquiles. I loved fried food. It's my life. And what better way to have it than to have it smothered in enchilada sauce drizzled with vegan cheese sauce which don't even get me started by how delicious this vegan whiz is.

Their corn chips is like no other corn chip I've had for a chilaquiles. It's definitely thicker and most likely deep fried in house. The slaw also adds a nice to touch to break away the richness from the dish.

SO I was never the sandwich kid. If it was a sandwich, it had to have meat in it. That or something very savory and flavorful. They have this Jo's Breakfast Sandwich. I glanced by it a few times. After little thought (maybe 5 minutes) I've decided heck why the F not. "grilled millet toast layered with smashed avocado, two fried eggs, arugula, chipotle cream and chili lemon dressing" even labeled you'll need utensils for this.

SWISH. This was SO tasty. There's definitely a zip that will punch you right in the face from the chili lemon dressing. I think there was ginger in here as well, but I can't guarantee since it doesn't show in the description. But man. The millet toast, whatever millet means, was buttery, light and crunchy. This really held up to the eggs, the dressing and the smashed avocados. I would most definitely order this again with the chilaquiles.

It's imperative that you order their Chilaquiles.

5904 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90042