Being in a family of meat eaters, we've never really dined out for Prime Rib. A chophouse is something we are more prone to show up at, but we decided to check out Lawry's for my dad's birthday. You may know them for their seasonings sold in markets, but they actually have a few restaurants dedicated to their classic old fashioned Prime Rib served tableside.

Fresh Sourdough still hot and steamy.

So good, but beware! If you plan to order additional sides with your meal, this will definitely make you full quicker. 

An order of Prime Rib comes with a spinning salad as a starter.

Horseradish cream with horseradish on the side if you like more kick.

The Prime Rib silver cart comes rolling by as soon as your plates are cleared. Your server will ask which cut you would like. We all ordered their signature Lawry's cut. They also have a California cut which is slightly smaller and the English cut which is 3 thin sliced (though I saw some having 2, maybe it depends on the size of the roast). There is also 2 sizes over Lawry's cut. The Jim Brady followed by the Bowl Cut. Pick your poison. Basically, pick how long you would like to hibernate for. Each plate comes with a splat of mashed potatoes and gravy with a Yorkshire pudding.

Medium Rare. With Au Jus. I skipped the horseradish cream and went straight for the horseradish. We ordered all the sides. From creamed corn to creamed spinach. A small disclaimer that the spinach has bacon.

Happy Birthday Dad!