I'm a firm believer about eating somewhere more than once, and the same goes with sharing it over again. I think one of the best compliments you can give a restaurant is going back again to show your appreciation for the food. Momed is a place that I speak highly of. I've never been to the location in Beverly Hills, but the location in Atwater Village is one that I've been to a few times (still thank my friend John Quintus for the recommendation).

I came here one Sunday in the late afternoon with my best friends after having a few drinks in Atwater Village. Like a pirate, I wailed my hands as I told them about Momed. "It's that way!" - with no slurs of course. For a moment, I was not confident I was headed towards the right direction. Momed is actually tucked away from the main strip in Atwater, but more within the residentials between studios and playhouses.

They only carry wine and beer which is fine with me. I am very excited at this point. It's also quite lovely that the train passes through next door.

Grilled artichoke cooked to perfection with a preserved lemon aioli. The artichoke is seasoned lightly with Moroccan spices. All the crispy edges and tender parts towards the heart were literally finger licking good. I felt like I was engulfing the pedals. This is a must order if you are a huge fan of artichokes.

Oven Roasted Salmon

This oven roasted salmon is one of the best prepared fishes I've had. Served with seasonal vegetables and a cashew salsa. I'm sure this is something easy that they've created, but it was ridiculously delicious. The salmon was just cooked PERFECTLY. The Moroccan spices were mild and not over powering. The seasonal veggies were generous and not dinky. I still remember the salmon like a past summer fling I've never had. It's just so good I would think that's what it feels like.

Without further ado, the address is 3245 Casitas Ave, Atwater CA 90039.

They also serve breakfast and brunch. ( K i l l e r)