My brother and his now fiance

Yes they got engaged! They've been dating for over a decade and it's heart warming to know they are moving towards starting a new path together. That's all. I'm not saying anything else nice about my brother so that's all he gets! Oh and I guess one more nice thing was that he paid for this dinner /___\

347 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

I've only been to Hama sushi once and was pretty impressed. I think... the best way for me to describe what their sushi tastes like to me, in one word, is traditional. I'm sure there's a lot of techniques to sushi than just fish and rice. I could spend over $100 on an Omakase, and the sushi will be great, but the flavors are somewhat different at a traditional Japanese sushi bar. I can't really describe the taste and feeling, but I can tell you I get that hear. And it's a really good thing.

First and foremost, there's none of that teriyaki stuff. Not that it's bad, but again we are at a sushi bar so don't be asking for a bowl of white rice. Secondly, there's signs that says no pictures. And of course, rude to use cell phones. Well I took pictures. But got approval. AND I made sure to limit to 3 photos per dish. Plus, the chef was super dope, but I will let you find out who yourself.

We had a good variety from yellowtail, to ika with shiso, to toro, salmon belly, natto handroll and all the other good bites. I think good sushi rice is not too sweet, but seasoned so slightly to enhance the flavors.

Ankimo Ponzu

When I used to work in an Izakaya, Ankimo in ponzu is one of the items I ate with hot white rice. The flavors are mild, but I wouldn't tell someone it doesn't taste like anything. It's nothing like Foie Gras so don't believe anything people tell you when they say it does. This is one of my all time comfort foods in Japanese cuisine. It's hard to mess up Monkfish liver, but no worries here because it is excellent.


To me, this is what Engawa is supposed to look like. Engawa is the Halibut's fin, the meat of the fin of course. Normally served like the way you see it, raw with green onions, chili daikon and a dab of citrus soy. Sometimes, it is seared and then dressed with a dab or so of citrus soy. Delicious and something I highly recommend ordering if available.

Salmon Belly

Salmon. The first raw fish I ate when I was young. After that, it's always been my favorite. I love how sweet it tastes. But when I got older, I've learned the existence of salmon belly. And pretty much gravitated towards it when available on the menu. Here, you an see little slits to cut the fat. People think fat is great on a piece of fish or steak. It's somewhat true, but you want the fat to be marbled. This technique helps relieve the chewiness that the fat can create. Amazing.

Tamago Sushi

Only a few chefs do this and I wished more did. This version of tamago is just eggs that is mixed with ingredients like sugar, dashi, mirin, blah blah. This was the last item we had and we treated it like a dessert due to it's sweetness.

Make sure to come earlier. If you plan on having dinner at 7, come at 6. The restaurant is really small with only 2 tables or so if you want to sit intimately away from the crowd. The rest of the seating (about 15) is all sushi bar.

347 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012