When I think of Root Beer, I think of A&W with a big scoop of Dreyers. Root beer floats was kind of a normal thing we would have at our household growing up. I'm pretty surprised we had it as often as we did. But of course everything was cheaper back then. So when I found out that The Counter was giving away free floats per entree, I was settled for dinner. We were meeting up with a friend who also wanted burgers. The coincidence right?

You know, I want life to be fries and crispy onions. Unlimited. Ok and maybe with unlimited burgers and dipping sauces. Think about it, it really isn't that much I'm asking for.

Custom Burger

My custom made burger is a concoction of 1/3 lb of all natural beef, medium. Sliced red onions, alfalfa sprouts, sliced fresh jalapenos, tomatoes, Korean Chili aioli and Garlic aioli. Sandwiched between a Hawaiian bun which has become my new obsession. Cooked to perfection with a deep pink center. Flip the burger around and enjoy upside down for the ultimate mouth explosive satisfaction. I'm telling you. It's a thing.

Washing it all down with this floaty that was served with more root beer on the side.

No better way to end the night. Food coma is real.

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