I hope by now everyone knows that I am not vegan/vegetarian. Or at least anywhere near it. No problem with people who are, I just want to make it known that I love meat. My dad was a butcher. Eating steaks and chops was something we did on a weekly basis. Knowing Kings Row serves a whole pig roast every 3rd Thursday of the month, I literally had my calendar booked for this day. The pig is beer brined and cooked low and slow in a hot box for 12 hours. So you can bet all you taste is pure pig goodness.

20 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena, CA 91105

Well of course the first thing first is always cocktail time.

Old Fashioned

It's never easy for people to see a whole pig like this. For me, I'm used to it. Not just because of my dad, but Chinese people eat a hell lot of roast pig. We find it beautiful and pretty awesome.

The belly is cut into to release all the juices and fat goodness into a cup. But for what? A jus? Executive Chef Sundeep was super excited during this. Which made us all wonder what we were in stored for.

The photo to the left is another photo of the cup being almost filled before switching it out for another. Before you know it, the juices were split into different cups.

Yup it's this bad boy. Only something you dream of doing because it's that naughty.

Cheers! The ritual has been completed.

How was it? How did it taste? It was silky and delicious. Not as fatty as I thought it would be but oh you definitely know it's gonna cost you a few hours at the gym. But to good health with good fats!

Chef Sundeep gets choppin'.

A little treat for being a good spectator.

For $15, you get a good sized portion of the pig and skin with jalapeno mac & cheese and an arugula salad. I don't devour that much mac & cheese because I am lactose intolerant, but I would do it for the mac & cheese that's served on this plate. Extremely comforting with the pork. The crispy skin... The best part and always a favorite is the pork belly. It's cooked oh so tender that it literally creates strands like spaghetti. And if you are good, like me, I got a special part of the pig, the cheek.

They also have other great dishes here if pork isn't for you. Things like cheese burgers and this awesome fish'n chips will make you order more beer. The fresh cod is a nice big chunk of flaky meat you will not complain about portion. Their fries also, is to die for. If you come here, always order their fries or something with it.

Banana Pie

Hawaiin coconut pie w Pineapple

So mark your calendars for the third thursday of every month.

They also carry great breakfast/brunch that you need to check out.

20 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena, CA 91105