After closing down 3 months for a renovation costing a little over $2 million dollars, Napa Valley Grille in Westwood is now reopened. I've never seen the restaurant before the renovations, but as I walked by, I told myself "Wow! This restaurant is beautiful." John reminds me "We are eating here today..."... I wasn't embarrassed but I can't believe that just happened. The restaurant has valet if you prefer, but there's also meter parking available on the streets.

1100 Glendon Avenue, #100 Los Angeles, CA 90024

The restaurant is nothing short of its name. Right when you walk in, you first notice the bar filled with liquor. Then, the beautiful vaulted ceilings with arches and wood beams throughout the warm dining room. As you walk by, the elegant display of wines waiting to be drunk.

Our server Jaryl was great, friendly, and attentive throughout the whole course of our meal. 

We started our dinner with 2 appetizers.

Oven Roasted Mussels

Prepared with crispy pancetta, sweet onions, charred tomato, and Tavistock Reserve Chardonnay. The broth was to die for. The Chardonnay was perfectly cooked out leaving a subtle sweetness that marries great with all the ingredients. I also love the utilization of fresh herbs. Must order.

Wagyu Meatballs

Wagyu Beef, pancetta, fried green tomato, fresh herbs, and romesco sauce. This was excellent. The sharpness of the green tomato complimented the beef and pancetta. I'll be happy eating this everyday.

Complimentary House Pickles.

Love the simplicity of the pickling. I would buy this in a jar if sold in markets.


I am a huge fan of branzino. I love the meatiness and slight sweetness of the fish. Deboned, and cooked with capers, tomato, Romanesco, olive oil, parsley and other fresh herbs. Not show in the photo are a few slices of peeled limes. The fish was stunning and tasted better than it looked. The flavors were simple, but the execution was flawless. This tasted like Spring leaping towards summer. Another must order.

House-Made Lobster Ravioli

The Lobster ravioli was served with this shrimp, chervil and watermelon salad. Interesting concept, but the flavors worked in this dish. The ingredients were fresh with the play of herbs again. Another leap towards summer with this one.

I am not much of a fan of sweet items, but there are things I can never pass up.

Cast-Iron Baked Cookie

It's not just a baked cookie. It's a baked cookie served with pecan nougatine and salted caramel ice cream. A great cookie with a creamy ice cream. I'm a huge fan of salted caramel ice cream. This does not disappoint.

Butterscotch Bread Pudding

You have absolutely no idea how delicious this was! The bread pudding was made with brioche, brown sugar sauce, and brûléed marshmallows. Super rich. Super decadent. But high comforting and highly contagious. You can't just have one bite. These were definitely the top desserts on their menu.


Don't forget to pair your desserts with an espresso.

Their Executive Cef Adrian Vela incorporated a lot of fresh ingredients from the local Farmers Market in Santa Monica. Every dish was vibrant with flavor, plated rustically but with elegance.

1100 Glendon Avenue, #100 Los Angeles, CA 90024

Great for any occasion with plenty of space and a few private rooms.