It was a pleasure to meet a bunch of bloggers and Instagram influencers this week at Bunker Hill Bar in Downtown Los Angeles. One of my best friend lives a few blocks away and I swear I've never seen this place. It's a total gem in DTLA and also a great place to dine for locals in the area.

The Bunker Hill Bar & Grill

601 West 5th Street Suite R201
Los Angeles, California 90017

There were complimentary appetizers during the evening. Of course, the first thing I looked into were drinks. It didn't take long before the waiter took my order.

A good old fashioned. It has been my drink of choice. It's simple, straight to the point, gets the job done, with a fancy orange peel. I'll just take a few more of these please.

The food was simple, but pretty great. They have tons of TVs for any game day events you can imagine. There might be parking nearby, but street parking will always be my thing. I am definitely coming back for drinks and wings!

Also, they have Duck Fries... did you know duck fries is my middle name?

Just saying.