LAMILL is definitely one of those places that serves the community in Silver Lake along with the few other restaurants and stores that are on the street not too far from the deserted reservoir. It's extremely creepy to look at. The Silver Lake Reservoir I mean now that it has been drained. Even though it was 15 years ago when I remembered it to be tanked up, it honestly felt like it was just yesterday. This area is close to my heart because I used to sell candy in that same park. Nothing creepy, just a little girl trying to cover her train ticket to San Diego. Let me clarify again, it was for a Drill Team competition. Yeah, I did that for 2 years.

I've been around this area lately along with being in Atwater. Honestly, this is as much as I love in this area. When I think Silver Lake, this is all I think about. That lake, and this street. With Atwater around the corner as a cousin. Now I am finding this area that much more charming reminiscing about growing up in this area. Boy, do I have stories to tell you later.

Ok one story won't hurt. As I was selling candy (13 years old I believe), there was also this other little girl selling lemonade/orange juice. Something like that. Point is, that juice tasted like sh*t. That isn't EVEN THE WORST PART. She ONLY had one cup. So you have these thirsty joggers, with their kind hearts (bless their soul), to purchase a cup of juice from this little girl. To be smacked in the face. Standing there having to return it, to only see it get rinsed in the same bucket before serving her next victim. Oh I bet these sour belts I have for 10 cents looks good right about now. Oh how about some red vines? Yeah some lady literally slammed on her brakes to buy some of that from me. What can I say, I was born a true sales lady. And, I didn't even have to yell "Come and get it".

Going back to LAMILL.


1636 Silver Lake Blvd - Los Angeles, CA 90026

LAMILL is also a full service restaurant even though a lot of people assume they only serve coffee. Had me fooled because I thought so too from a distance. But, it's actually quite charming inside. This is a good place to come to if you have family in town or just a little get together with some friends.

Being wired on coffee that I had that morning already, which oddly enough, were espresso beans by LAMILL, I had by eyes drawn to their Hong Kong milk tea.

They use Assam as their tea of choice which is a tea from India. The flavors are robust and earthy, but also has an underlying sweetness to it that pairs nicely with sugar. My dad likes his HK milk tea with Assam or Ceylon, both strong with a flavor of it's own.

John got the cappuccino, a drink we normally get together. Great to have at any time of the day with a bit of raw cane sugar. There's just something I love about a good foamy hot drink. It has a flavor of it's own. The whole drink is literally nothing without it. Almost like a martini, with the thin brittle layers of ice from the perfect shake.

Smoked Salmon Toast

Smoked Salmon Toast

So beautiful and perfect for a light breakfast brunch. Even if it's lunch, this is definitely satisfying.

Made with their own schmear, cherry tomatoes, house pickled onions, salty briny capers, and a few sprigs of dill to brighten up the dish. I just closed my eyes for a second, and tasted this all over again.


Roasted Cauliflower and Black Quinoa

Roasted Cauliflower and Black Quinoa

This was recommended by our server. John looked at me like, really? He doesn't hate cauliflower, just not a fan of the flavor. But I love cauliflower. The asian markets would sell them for 40 cents a pound or something ridiculous like that and I would end up buying 4 heads. These on the other hand, will never be that cheap. This arrangement was so beautiful it was almost hard to eat. What's under is apples, baby spinach, walnuts and almond gremolata. Flavors were super light and refreshing, but definitely filling. This would be a great post workout meal or just another great bites for lunch/dinner. Could be shared, but I would recommend ordering other items to try.

Warm donut holes with vanilla whipped cream to end a light lunch. The order normally comes with 6, but we asked for 3 since we were stuffed. Careful, these are extremely hot. I would recommend ordering another cup of coffee just to eat these with. I just can't imagine eating anything donut without coffee. Clancy Wiggum would never allow that to happen.

You just might see me here a little more often.

1636 Silver Lake Blvd - Los Angeles, CA 90026


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