Atwater brings me back a lot of memories. I was their neighborhood rat back then and I didn't even live in Atwater, but I good friend of mine did. Atwater was always a trendy little neighborhood. It's also underrated at the moment like its neighbors Eagle Rock and Highland Park. Though Highland Park and Eagle Rock is going through a growth spurt, Highland Park is slowly coming along.

3155 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States

Bon Vivant Market & Cafe opened up a few years ago. I remembered the renovations they were doing back then when I would grab a cup of coffee from Starbucks. I've always told myself to check this spot out when it opened, but then I moved. Not far. Just far enough to not be in the area anymore to remember. I started hanging out in Pasadena, DTLA, Culver City, Santa Monica and basically everything towards the West was my new infestation. But then I was brought back when I got an invitation to check out Bon Vivant. And boy I am happy I did because they have a lot to offer here.

 3155 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States

The restaurant is also a place for retail. From coffee beans, a bottle of wine, to even cheeses. Bon Vivant is a place where you can pick up some snag before heading home to throw yourself a lavish cocktail party.

Bon Vivant has a full menu of different items that they order. Below will be a few of their offerings. Enjoy:

Smoked Duck with Fresh Mint, Arugula & Apricot Jam

Fromage & Charcuterie

They have a wide selection of cheeses & meats to pick from. I recommend ordering a nice bottle of wine as you unload in a nice comfy chair. Their pate is seasonal so I would always check. Pate is one of my favorite things to order as long as it's not grainy or metallic tasting. Their custom cheese & charcuterie boards doesn't come with just meat and cheese below. The cheese board is handcrafted with dried fruits, mixed nuts and quince. The meat board comes with an array of savory olives, bread & butter pickles, and hickory smoked brussel sprouts from Preservation & Co. All served with a fresh warm baguette with in a Himalayan salted butter crock!

Yes, there's a full bar for all you Bloody Mary and Moscow Mule suckers. BTW, their ginger beer is fantastic.

Char Grilled Oysters in an olive parsley butter with fresh lemon & parmesan.  Served with sliced baguette. How can you NOT say yes? I need my drink now. I love raw oysters, but there is something so fantastic and comforting about cooked oysters. I don't know what it is... But hey, they also have a happy hour menu which I will definitely be back for.

Lastly, a cup of cappuccino is always necessary. I was pretty exhausted that day, and this cup really just jolted me immediately. I believe they are using Equator coffee which is one of my favorite roasters.

Bon Vivant has everything for everyone. A great place for breakfast, brunch, lunch, happy hour and dinner. If this was closer to me, it would be very dangerous. I will definitely be back soon.

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