John and I came here for dinner after dropping off an old friend from Japan. Shortly did I find out this was the same chain as Hondaya. I feel like Hondaya represents the feeling I get at a Japanese Izakaya when I was in Tokyo a few years ago. Nothing fancy, just down right beer/sake drinking with some good appetizers.

Beef tataki. The cuts were thicker than what I'm used to, and it could've been more rare. Someone sitting next to us thought tataki was some sesame/mushroom sauce and Oh boy was the waitress looking at him like "Get out".

Maguro Natto - Every chance I get to order this I always do. Fermented soy beans with tuna sashimi. Feel free to order a quail egg. I like to dash a bit of soy sauce and mix this up until it gets extremely-ultra-slimy.

Takoyaki. Always a fun appetizer to order. Goes great with beer. It's basically a octopus pancake ball with bonito flakes on top. Drizzled with tonkatsu sauce and served with a side of Japanese mayonnaise. 

Pork Kakuni. Pork belly stew in a soy based sauce. Normally served with spinach and a side of spicy mustard. When I worked at a restaurant, I would order this dish and pour the whole thing over rice, then douse with shichimi pepper.

And then, yakitori. Quick easy dinner with no stress.

18450 Brookhurst St Fountain Valley, CA 92708