If you are thinking about a street treat to give your friends, family, and colleagues, think no further. I am so happy to have gotten to try some baked goodies from DeLuscious cookies. Their cookies are baked to order, but they do carry their classic flavors for walk-ins. I enjoyed everything you see here. I made a festive center piece for my sweets for guests to enjoy as they brew their coffee. I simply found a fall wreath (or any holiday wreath you have) and simply placed a glass stand to hold my cookies. The goods were delivered warm and most importantly, on time. 

Everything you see were delicious. I especially love the red velvet brownie that I cut up so more fingers can snatch them up. The oatmeal raisin cookie was also a rave along with Cinnamon Brulee and chocolate decadence. It's hard for me to bake during the holidays and that is mainly because I am a savory person. Baking is not my forte, but DeLuscious Cookies made it easy to have a great party without me having to worry about buying eggs, sugar, butter, chocolate, etc. The cookies and baked sweets were all unique and fresh. 

It literally feels like it's Christmas already. Do yourself a favor and order some for your loved ones. You won't regret it.

Their shop is located: 829 North Highland in Los Angeles, CA 90038

Website to shop: http://www.delusciouscookies.com/