Have you been to Playa Vista? It's almost like the pretty step sister to Culver City. The area is a newer development with tons of new condos/townhomes and big businesses like Google, Youtube and Fox. I came through this area when stopping by "Chicken or the Egg" and I am definitely glad I did because now, this neighborhood is going to be one of my few weekend stops. 


Going back to Chicken or the Egg, like the neighborhood, this restaurant is also new in town. Their chef and partner, Hunter Pritchett, was also involved with a few known restaurants of Los Angeles, Song of a Gun and Mendocino Farms. At CoE, they take high importance of the quality of the chicken they use. From their menu, they are proud to use Pitman Farms Marys Organic Free-Range chicken and noted that it is the highest quality chicken in the world. The eggs used are also sourced locally from Chino Valley Ranch just east of Oxnard. They are organic cage-free vegetarian fed. Their chickens are also gluten free. 

Here is a glimpse of their menu:

They have an awesome soft drink selections. From soda pops or ice teas and lemonade for you to customize your drinks like this arnold palmer.

12150 Millennium Drive, Suite 101 Los Angeles CA 90094